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Shipping packaging mistakes to avoid

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When it comes to shipping items internationally, or locally, proper packaging is just as important as the shipping method itself. Not only does it help ensure the safety of your items during transit across customs and long journeys, but it can also save your business from costly damages and headaches in the long run. 

Thus, to help bring more awareness to this issue, DHL Express New Zealand compiled three critical mistakes to avoid when packing items delivery:

Mistake #1: Not using enough packaging materials for shipping

One of the most common errors in shipping packaging is not using enough filling materials. Many people tend to think that simply putting their items in a thicker carton packaging box and sealing it with tape is enough. However, this is far from the truth. Without proper filling materials, your items are at risk of getting jostled around during transit, leading to scratches, dents, and even breakage.

Thankfully, the solution is simple: use sufficient filling materials to keep your items secure. Whether it may be packing foam, package bubble wrap, or even crumpled newspaper, try to ensure that empty spaces in the packaging boxes are filled out to prevent excessive movement and abrasion. 

Mistake #2: Not removing lithium batteries from electronics when shipping

Another mistake to avoid is not removing lithium batteries from electronics when shipping. Lithium batteries are known to be flammable and can pose a serious risk during transit. Significantly, according to the Federal Aviation Administration, there have been almost 400 incidents involving lithium batteries from the beginning of 2006 until mid of 2022, highlighting a worrying risk posed by improperly stored shipping cargo or passenger baggage.

Always remove lithium batteries from your electronics before shipping. Wrap them in a separate package and label them as hazardous materials if required. This will help prevent any accidents during transit and keep other items safe.

Mistake #3: Not applying fragile stickers

This brings us to the third mistake of failing to apply fragile stickers to your packages. This can lead to avoidable damages during transit. The absence of proper labelling may cause a misunderstanding for your shipping partner, who may not treat your packages with the extra care they require, leading to rough handling and damages.

Thus, always apply fragile stickers to any packaging box containing items such as glass, ceramics, or easily dented perishables.

Sustainable shipping packaging options

In addition to avoiding these common mistakes, there are other things to consider when packing your items for shipping. As today’s consumers and businesses are becoming more conscious of the environmental impact of logistics, choosing the right sustainable packaging materials for shipping can make a big difference in terms of your carbon footprint as well as your branding.

Biodegradable packaging, cardboard packing boxes, and compostable shipping boxes are great eco-friendly alternatives that can help reduce waste and environmental impact, allowing you to have a greener product offering that doesn’t compromise the safety and efficiency of delivery.

Taking it a step further, at DHL Express New Zealand, we are moving towards incorporating more electric vehicles in our delivery processes to meet the net zero emissions goal in the near future.

Ensure safe delivery with a trustworthy logistics partner

Ultimately, proper packaging is always good news for all stakeholders in the business. By avoiding these common mistakes and taking the time to pack your items carefully, you can ensure the safety of your items during transit and save yourself from costly damages or troublesome returns.

To further safeguard your delivery, work with a reliable logistics company such as DHL Express New Zealand to receive tailored guidance on issues beyond packaging, such as customs regulations, shipping insurance or international shipping  guides. With DHL Express New Zealand, you can enjoy a wide array of delivery services or packaging  advice that can be personalised to your business or individual needs.

Open an account with us and level up your delivery experience today.