The complete guide to using MyDHL+

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Whether your business involves an e-commerce platform, a brick-and-mortar store, or a business-to-business (B2B) function, having an effective third-party shipping partner is key for long-term success. In New Zealand, market leaders tout having a positive customer experience as one of the essential factors in building customer loyalty and increasing brand perception for your business. 

In an increasingly digital and modern society, customers look towards a strong brand relationship and consistent positive customer experience as reasons to repeatedly purchase from a business rather than just the price and quality of the items delivered. Furthermore, with the increase in the accessibility of online shopping platforms, consumers are turning their attention to having their items delivered directly to them rather than visiting physical stores.

With these two mitigating factors in mind, enlisting the help of a globally-known shipping partner, such as DHL Express, can easily position your business ahead of the competition. This article will explain the various features of MyDHL+ and how this shipping management tool offers automated solutions that streamline your business’ operations. Ensure exceptional customer experience and increase your brand perception in the eyes of your desired demographic.

How can a one-stop shipping tool be beneficial to you?

New Zealand's market is seeing significant growth due to the increase in cross-border trade, evident by statistics tallied by Mordor Intelligence. In particular, exports from the United Kingdom (UK) to New Zealand have risen significantly within a four quarter period leading up to the end of the second quarter of 2022 – resulting in total exports amounting to £$1.4 billion, a 7.4% (or £97 million) boost compared to the second quarter of 2021. At the same time, total UK imports from New Zealand reached £971 million during these four quarters, with growth of 1.7% (£16 million) coming about over this period.

To facilitate this, it is pivotal that businesses convey all necessary information clearly and succinctly to relevant customers – whether it is by an online platform, email, or text. This includes details such as dispatch date, updates on the location of their item, warnings related to any issues affecting the arrival of their item, and, accurate date and time for the completion of their item delivery. This is where a powerful platform like MyDHL+ comes in. 

Steps to using MyDHL+

1. Create digital documentation 

Filling out paper documentation pertaining to customer information and delivery details can be a hassle and is also incredibly time-consuming. To allow our partners more time to focus on growing their businesses, MyDHL+ offers you a platform to digitally record all your customer information and details effortlessly. Our intuitive software makes the tedious process of logging customer information easy and allows your employees to effortlessly fill in details when required. 

Additionally, the system remembers previously keyed-in personal details, which can be extremely useful for repeat customers. All you have to do is key in your DHL Express account number and register your user information. This function can also be useful if you and your business intend to enable a loyalty program and rewards system for repeat customers.

Another function of MyDHL+ is that it extracts information from its database and automatically fills in the relevant shipping documentation. For example, when shipping your product, instead of repetitively filling in the same information for both the air waybill and pro forma forms, the sophisticated MyDHL+ platform automates it for you.

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2. Retrieve customs information

For businesses dealing with international shipments, the costs of taxes and duties may be confusing. With MyDHL+, we provide rate quotes and estimates for the country you are shipping to upon request. This allows you to clear customs with ease while ensuring that your recipients and clients will not have to pay additional fees for their packages.

Furthermore, MyDHL+ also grants you access to the Commodity Tariff Codes required for customs clearance, which helps to avoid delays and provides you with more precise estimates of your taxes and duties to create a fairer and more efficient pricing system for your business.

3. Track and trace shipments

For on-demand deliveries, where timing is of paramount importance, the track and trace feature on MyDHL+  allows your customers to schedule pickups and track their shipments efficiently on our online platform. We also include real-time updates on our supply chain process so that you and your customers are always aware of where the shipments are at all times. 

Our state-of-the-art digital logistics network and 24/7 customer service team allow you and your complete demographic visibility over your shipments and parcels with the tap of a button. It also comes with a push notification function that keeps you ahead of any shipment issues that may arise during transit.

Ship with DHL Express now

At DHL Express, we are committed to accommodating different shippers and their shipping, delivery, and logistics needs. Whether you represent a corporate entity, are a registered user, or merely want to use our services as a guest user, we want to help you prepare for your shipments

Should you want to use our services for an easy one-off shipment, simply fill in your shipping details on our online platform and follow the steps required. However, we recommend business owners and entrepreneurs in need of a logistics partner sign up as corporate users to gain a greater degree of insight and control over their shipping and logistical activities. Opening a DHL Express business account and logging in to MyDHL+ also presents itself as a more cost-effective option for your enterprise in the long term.

By partnering with a reliable, efficient third-party logistics partner like DHL Express, you are cutting down shipping costs and investing in your business. The constantly changing retail environment means being flexible with your shipping choices and options to better cater to your customers’ wants and needs in the modern climate. The importance of a positive customer experience and a reliable delivery platform is paramount, and with DHL Express, we guarantee both your and your customers’ satisfaction.