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Using Logistics For Business Development

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There are various elements of business development, one of the core elements being shipping and logistics. Most businesses, no matter large or small, deal with the movement of goods from one point to another. The successful movement and transportation of goods directly affects customer satisfaction. Therefore, logistic management is an integral part of strategic development and planning and is the backbone of any business. In this article we explore the main purpose of logistics and how you can cut down on shipping costs while maximizingprofit: 

What is the main purpose of logistics?

To put it simply, logistics involves transporting goods from the supplier to the customer. Some examples of logistical services include order processing, fleet management, inventory control, and efficient shipping and delivery of goods. Should a business not have an efficient logistics plan in place, it could mean customers not receiving their orders on time or parcels arriving damaged or getting lost. If a business focuses on other areas like product marketing or new strategy development, but are not able to plan out efficient logistics, it will not be able to garner customer satisfaction and ultimately – not be able to generate revenue. 

What are the benefits of logistics for businesses?

Whatever business you are in, efficient logistics is crucial to ensuring your place in the competitive market and achieving customer satisfaction. Listed here are some of benefits of having reliable logistics:

1.  Increase customer satisfaction with timely deliveries

Having logistics for any business helps improve the visibility of distribution and transportation as part of the business development strategy. No matter how good the quality of your product is, if it does not reach the customer in a timely and efficient manner, the business will not be able to progress. 

Today, customers prefer to shop online and also expect their products to be delivered within a few days. The steady development of this trend underlies how important it is for businesses to partner with a trusted international logistics provider. With a reliable logistics system, you can provide your customers with a more positive buyer experience. As you build their trust in you to deliver goods on time and in perfect conditions, they will be satisfied and may return to your brand for their future needs or spread a good word about your business. While this may not be a new strategy, it is one that is guaranteed to boost customer satisfaction and empower business success.

2. Optimize resources and improve efficiency

Good logistics can help you plan and organize your resources through an efficient inventory management system. This system will ensure that the right resources are available at the right time, guaranteeing optimisation and increased productivity. An efficient and strategic logistics system helps prevent losses related to spoilage delay, goods losses, and theft of products. Partner with a logistics company as part of your business development plan to have all your logistical needs taken care of. 

Having a reliable logistic partner means that you do not have to worry about your business’ transportation, shipping, and inventory management. Instead, you can channel your resources into generating a new marketing strategy, business development plans or other market expansion ideas that will help your business grow. 

3. Using technological advancements to save costs

Technological developments in the logistic sector offer you greater transparency and reliability within the supply chain. For example, DHL Express embraces innovative technologies, like blockchain, which offers businesses greater visibility, transparency, security, and reliability when transporting goods internationally. In line with its Strategy 2025 goal of digitizing the supply chain, the logistics company has also incorporated other digital solutions, like the use of autonomous vehicles and flyers to improve efficiency and speed up delivery times. 

A quality logistics system provides a transparent view of where your shipment is at any point. You can track the shipment in real-time and be aware of any delays along the way. If a problem occurs with the shipment, you can zero-in on the cause and take action to ensure that it doesn't happen in the future. DHL Express’ Advanced Quality Control Centre (AQCC) system uses big data and predictive analytics to monitor parcel movement, raises potential issues and offers alternative routes to avoid any delays. 

Partner with DHL Express 

DHL Express is your reliable shipping and logistics partner that provides warehouse solutions, transport and distribution, and contract logistics. By connecting over 220 countries and territories worldwide, DHL Express delivers integrated services and tailored solutions for managing and transporting goods. Open a business account with us today to learn more about these services and how your business development can benefit from them.