DHL Express Commerce: e-commerce management made easy

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While the e-commerce market has grown tremendously over recent years, there is significant complexity in managing an e-commerce business well, and many entrants face significant challenges in scaling operations and finding sustained success. In this regard, much of the complexity entailed by e-commerce management comes from the sheer volume of touchpoints involved in the process of online order management that is uniquely innate to e-commerce businesses. 

DHL Express Commerce offers a simple and effective solution to managing this complexity, by providing a one-stop e-commerce management platform that provides integration for all key processes and parties involved in each e-commerce transaction a business handles. 

What is DHL Express Commerce?

At DHL Express, we understand that each e-commerce business has countless moving parts, with shipping being but one aspect of the extensive web of processes that make up efficient e-commerce management. DHL Express Commerce is a shipping solution we’ve carefully conceptualised and created to help e-commerce companies sell everywhere while shipping from one single place — a shipping tool that fully integrates with major e-commerce platforms and marketplaces to ensure long term competitiveness of e-commerce businesses. 

Key features of DHL Express Commerce  

Key management features of the e-commerce shipping solution include:

  • E-commerce integrated — Quickly connect to leading e-commerce platforms and marketplaces

  • Live checkout — Get easy and instant access to DHL products and rates during the checkout process

  • Address validation — DHL Express Commerce validates each customer’s address before shipping

  • Automated shipping — Automatically imports online orders, prints labels, and updates orders

  • Multi-Channel — Allows you to sell in multiple marketplaces while shipping DHL Express from one place

The above features of DHL Express Commerce allow e-commerce businesses to better streamline online order processes through an integrated all-in-one system that makes management near effortless from the checkout stage all the way to order completion. Altogether, DHL Express Commerce enables cross-border shipping instantly at the checkout while automating order management processes and greatly reducing the effort of shipping

Instant cross-border shipping at checkout  

DHL Express Commerce provides integration that connects e-commerce stores with DHL Express shipping services. The integration provides real-time DHL Express shipping rates and services at checkout for cross-border deliveries, so e-commerce shoppers can choose DHL Express as their shipping option for online orders. There is no development process required to activate these checkout features; a few simple steps are all that’s needed for you to get started. Integrating DHL Express into all your e-commerce stores is purposefully made quick and easy, such that you can swiftly allow your shoppers to enjoy the benefits of reliable and fast shipping with DHL.

Automated order management and easy shipping 

Once integrated with a store or marketplace, DHL Express Commerce will import DHL Express orders automatically. A shipment label can be created with just a simple click, and the e-commerce order is automatically updated with tracking information. The update can also trigger other processes like a dispatch alert to the buyer and order completion. This makes it easy to keep your customers updated on the status of their orders and helps to ensure that they receive their items promptly. 

How DHL Express Commerce works

DHL Express Commerce supports the online order process management of e-commerce businesses from the checkout stage all the way to order completion:

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During the checkout process, DHL Express products and rates will be displayed in your e-commerce checkout by DHL Express Commerce. Once orders are received, they will immediately appear in your e-commerce store, marketplace, or integrated management platform. DHL orders are then automatically imported into DHL Express Commerce. 

All online orders can be validated and adjusted before shipping, with DHL Express Commerce enabling easy printing of your DHL shipping label, packing slip, and invoice. After printing, tracking numbers are added to the e-commerce order and closed, with the option of arranging for a pickup request if needed. DHL Express Commerce then tracks the order until the delivery is completed.  

Supported e-commerce platforms 

Currently, DHL Express Commerce supports the following e-commerce management platforms:

  • Shopify

  • WooCommerce

  • Magento

  • Magento2

  • BigCommerce

  • PrestaShop

  • Teindanube

  • Squarespace


  • Amazon (no checkout rates)

  • eBay (no checkout rates)

  • OpenCart (no checkout rates)

  • Wix (pilot)

DHL Express Commerce plugin is available for Shopify, WooCommerce, and Magento. For Shopify, the basic plan at annual mode or advance plan for checkout calculated rate (CCR) has to be activated. For WooCommerce and Magento, DHL Express Commerce is CCR-ready; there are no required plans for these two e-commerce management platforms. 

Improve e-commerce management with DHL Express Commerce

Import all your online orders into one e-tool today when you integrate DHL Express Commerce with your most-used e-commerce management platforms. Anyone with a DHL Express account can use it, and it’s completely free to DHL Express customers for all DHL Express shipments. 

Open a business account with DHL Express today.