Why On-Demand Delivery promotes timely deliveries

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As the industry leader in global shipping and logistics, DHL Express is committed to providing dependable, speedy and time-sensitive deliveries for businesses and individuals. However, a challenge that can disrupt the last-mile delivery process is when the receiver is unavailable at the designated address. This not just prevents on time deliveries, but inconveniences the recipient and sender as they scramble to find alternative solutions to ensure their parcel is kept safely. Understanding the need for alternative delivery options for customers to combat these issues, DHL Express has introduced On-Demand Delivery (ODD) for flexible shipping without compromising on safety and security.

What is ODD?

Six different scheduled delivery options are available through ODD, facilitating the timely completion of last-mile delivery for DHL Express clients irrespective of different circumstances that may occur. 

On-Demand Delivery service options for customers include:

  • Collecting their parcels at any DHL Express Service Point
  • Arranging for Signature Release delivery where parcels can be delivered without the recipient’s signature
  • Scheduling a new delivery date and time up to 7 days from the original time chosen
  • Leaving the package with a trustworthy neighbour
  • Delivering to another address
  • 30 Day Vacation Hold where customers can hold their packages for 30 days before requesting for a new delivery date and time. 

When using DHL Express services, companies in the Philippines can automatically enjoy ODD free-of-charge and receive live tracking updates. Once the DHL air waybill is completed, the recipient is notified with an SMS or email where they can select the ODD delivery option that meets their needs or preferences.

What is the importance of timely deliveries?

The importance of timely delivery for your brand cannot be downplayed. PwC’s Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey reported that 41% of shoppers are willing to pay extra to receive same-day delivery while 24% would pay additional charges to receive their parcel within one or two hours after making their purchase.

Among different strategies for timely deliveries,  ODD is emerging as the popular and preferred mode of delivery for businesses and consumers alike. This type of delivery is essential as it allows customers to select when, where, and how they want their parcels delivered. With the freedom to purchase desired products when they feel like it and to choose when to have them delivered, ODD is a game changer that is redefining what it means to have timely deliveries.

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With ODD, timely deliveries are not just limited to whether they are on time but can be personalized to arrive at a time and through the means that is best suited to the customer’s needs. Offering the flexibility to decide when and how their parcel will arrive highlights a business’ commitment to addressing consumer needs, which is a cornerstone in any successful venture. Hence, brands and companies that adopt this delivery method can improve customer satisfaction through providing personalized customer experiences that are tailored to their requirements while also promoting timely deliveries.

What are the benefits of flexible and timely deliveries?

1. Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty

Modern consumers are tech-savvy and knowledgeable about the multitude of options available to them when buying goods and services online. Good, personalised customer service is often the difference in their decisions to make a purchase and be loyal to a brand. One aspect that cannot be overlooked in creating a great customer service experience is timely deliveries. On-time delivery is not only an indicator of excellent customer service but also  incentivises consumers to establish long-term relationships with the brand. This is seen by how 40% of consumers report that timely deliveries increase their loyalty to a business, and 47% stopped supporting a retailer due to a delay in their delivery. In an increasingly competitive market, it is vital that customers must be able to enjoy a seamless customer journey from purchase to delivery or they can easily look for alternatives. For businesses, investing in making sure deliveries reach their customers on time will not just boost customer satisfaction but strengthen customer retention and brand loyalty. 

2. Promotes a good brand image

According to the EY Future Consumer Index, only 1 in 5 customers are forgiving of businesses that do not provide timely deliveries for goods purchased. In other words, companies hurt their brand image whenever they are unable to ensure their products reach consumers promptly. Conversely, retailers demonstrate punctuality and professionalism whenever they deliver on time. Furthermore, when various on-demand delivery services are added by companies, they further enhance the image of their brand as customers recognise how these brands are dedicated to offering options for their personalised preferences. 

How can DHL Express’ On-Demand Delivery options help your business?

By understanding the role that on-demand delivery plays in promoting timely deliveries, business owners can take steps to ensure their customers receive the products they need when they need them. DHL Express has long been a champion of scheduled deliveries. Our On-Demand Delivery service provides customers with the flexibility they need to get their shipments where they need to go, when they need them there. Whether it is for business or pleasure, our extensive global network helps ensure that your package arrives on time and in great condition. To learn more, open a DHL Express business account today.