How To Increase E-commerce Websites' Checkout Conversions?

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Anyone shopping for products online will be familiar with filling their carts with things they would like to purchase, only to end up leaving the website without having purchased a single item. Also known as cart abandonment, there are many reasons as to why users of e-commerce sites tend to do this. Some of the most common reasons include additional costs such as shipping or taxes, a poor checkout experience or a lack of payment options. As varying as the reasons may be, cart abandonment has become a natural consequence of how users browse e-commerce shops and online clothing stores. 

However, as an e-commerce store owner , there are steps that can be taken to help increase checkout conversions. Apart from selling your products and services to customers browsing the online shopping site in an appealing fashion, a lot of the other issues that lead to cart abandonment in the Philippines and the rest of the world can be resolved. In fact, many can be fixed simply by e-commerce website design changes and development. Here is a breakdown of some of the things that can help to increase checkout conversions.

1. Have A Great Delivery Strategy

Among the list of things that customers want when it comes to online shopping sites, is great delivery. If retailers in the Philippines and globally are not providing flexible delivery options that meet their customers’ expectations, it will radically alter their experience with that e-commerce store.

However, meeting the modern customers’ demands while handling a worldwide delivery network is a daunting affair. With DHL’s On Demand Delivery service, customers hold the power to choose how, when and where their shipments are delivered. They have six different options to choose from, allowing them to change the delivery date,  have DHL keep it on vacation hold and more.

DHL Express also offers same day or next working day delivery for items that are time-sensitive. Leave it in the hands of logistics experts like DHL to handle your delivery needs and close those sales. 

2. Provide Information About Shipping Speeds

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Help customers to make an informed decision and buy your goods by providing relevant delivery details such as shipping speeds. When your website has a clear and well thought-out delivery page, it boosts your order cart values. You can also consider including other useful information such as expected delivery times after taking into account the fulfillment period regarding COVID-19 delays. Understanding that managing deliveries and shipments can be stressful for individuals and businesses alike, DHL Express strives to simplify the process via the innovative MyDHL+.

With this platform, consumers are even able to manage their e-commerce shipments, payments and tracking all through our one-stop dashboard created just for them. In doing so, this helps to simplify the shipping experience. This fantastic digital time-saving tool also provides businesses and individuals with essential shipping information as well as offering a customer service live chat for any questions that need answering. Having this knowledge on hand equips customers or businesses alike to plan their purchases and provides them with complete clarity about the time and costs involved in the shipping process, which makes them more likely to complete the sale on businesses’ e-commerce websites. 

3. Offer A Variety Of Different Payment Methods

The difference between securing a sale and shopping cart abandonment could be the payment process. Naturally, if a customer’s preferred payment method is an option at checkout, it increases the chances of them finalizing their purchase on e-commerce stores. This reduces the hassle of finding a new form of payment amidst their busy lives. Oftentimes, customers are left frustrated with payment options, leading to card abandonment. The more options you give customers, the better. Offer your customers a wide choice of payment options such as credit cards, digital/mobile wallets and cash on delivery. 

4. Make The Check Out Process Easy

A long and confusing checkout process can turn customers away disappointed and not wanting to return to your e-commerce site to purchase items. SImilarly, customers should not be required to create an account just to complete their purchase. Extra steps such as these and multiple forms to fill creates friction and slows down the completion process. Make changes to your website design and development by removing these unnecessary barriers and ensuring the check out process is a smooth one. Allow for guest checkout and progress indicators at the checkout page that help customers see where they are at their checkout process. 

Boost Checkout Conversions With DHL

Create a seamless shopping experience for your customers and enhance the delivery experience with DHL Express. Through a combination of improved delivery strategies and giving customers transparency about the logistics of their purchase, we can help you turn those who are just browsing your e-commerce stores into paying customers. Open an account today! Create a DHL Express account today for your business to and offer efficient yet flexible delivery options that will satisfy your customers.