How Express Shipping Can Help Your E-Commerce Business Succeed

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Consumer demand for express international shipping and delivery services is growing, with the global express delivery market estimated to generate USD$484.38 billion by 2030, according to GlobeNewsWire. Businesses are now expected to keep providing faster and more convenient delivery to improve customer satisfaction, with free or on-demand delivery being a possible deciding factor as to whether a purchase is completed.

E-commerce companies in particular are sure to feel the impact of this trend. According to DTI Ecommerce 2021, as the e-commerce sector continues to grow in the Philippines with a market value of USD$7.5B in 2020 and estimated to reach USD$28B by 2025, this makes it more important than ever to be able to offer your customers attractive express delivery options.

As an industry leader in global express shipping, DHL is constantly finding new ways to accelerate and improve the last-mile delivery experience for our customers. That’s why DHL Express has introduced versatile express parcel and package delivery services for flexible shipping that still prioritises safety and security.

How does Express Shipping work?

DHL offers various express shipping services to suit both your business needs and meet customer demand to increase customer satisfaction. The DHL Express interface is streamlined so both sellers and buyers have full visibility over their parcel in transit, with additional support provided including shipping help and customs clearance advice.

DHL Express has 7 basic international express delivery services:

  • Express 9:00

  • Express 10:30

  • Express 12:00

  • Express Worldwide

  • Express Envelope

  • Express Easy

These services cover international time or day specific export delivery within the next possible business day, while allowing you access to our global reach and customs expertise. Each service is further fine-tuned to meet your specific needs such as Express Worldwide, which can accept a maximum shipment weight of 1,000kg, including pallets, making it suitable for a high-value e-commerce delivery; or Express Envelope which only accepts envelopes up to 0.3kg in weight and is ideal for e-services that provide passports, visas, or other confidential paper-based documents.

Businesses that need parcels and packages delivered as soon as possible can opt for Same Day delivery, which delivers all shipments within a 24-hour period and regional door-to-door courier service. Value-added customisations including exclusive customer service, customs clearance facilitation, and accompanied and dedicated transport (upon request) further ensure that your customer’s order is well taken care of throughout its transit journey.

Companies with high shipment volumes – such as retail or fashion e-commerce – can further consider our DHL Express Breakbulk business solution, which consolidates multiple shipments across different recipients within a single customs entry. This makes bulk shipping faster for both you and your customer’s convenience by expediting the customs clearance process, while saving you on costly import and export duties and fees. This in turn lets you pass on savings to your customers, improving customer satisfaction by allowing yourself to stand out in a saturated market.

What on-demand delivery options are available with DHL Express?

Another advantage of DHL Express’ streamlined international shipping interface is our value-added on-demand last-mile delivery options, which your customers can opt for at their own discretion.

This includes Saturday Delivery; Direct Signature Delivery suitable for high-value parcels and packages which requires a direct signature before release; and Dedicated Delivery which encompasses immediate or non-routine arrangements at the customer’s request.

We understand that fast and convenient e-commerce delivery can sometimes be deterred by factors out of your control, such as your customer not being able to receive the package at the indicated time or address. These value-added services allow e-commerce companies and customers alike to enjoy greater transparency and reliability throughout the delivery process – helping you maintain customer satisfaction even when the unexpected happens.

Enjoy our time-saving global express delivery services and features today when you sign up for our MyDHL+ one-stop shipping management platform. Register for a DHL Express account today to see how DHL can help your e-commerce business grow.