Moving Fashion E-commerce Forward

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We identify with fashion— working hard every day to weave lives together, connecting people and businesses around the world. Over the last 50 years, we’ve collaborated closely with brands and designers around the world to move fashion forward through innovative supply chain solutions.

Always keeping the competitive edge.

Moving fashion e-commerce forward - Let your passion inspire the world

Moving fashion e-commerce forward - Let your passion inspire the world
Moving fashion e-commerce forward - Let your passion inspire the world

A New Look for Your Logistics 

Whether you are an emerging startup, an established SME, or a large fashion house, we understand your unique needs around speed-to-market and logistics efficiency. That’s why our supply chain optimization solutions are designed to help you along every stage of your product life cycle.

For our fashion customers, especially those who are going full-force into e-commerce, a reliable partner and trusted advisor is key to maximizing the brand’s global reach, operational efficiency, and positive consumer experience.

We regularly talk to our fashion entrepreneurs and partners for their insights on the role of logistics excellence in enabling their visions. Find out what they have to say in our featured stories below.

Fast fashion needs fast and flexible shipping solutions; tailor-made to meet the ever-changing demands of today’s fashion consumers.

Our express delivery solutions are developed with these demands in mind. Partnering with us allows your business to scale international markets seamlessly. Leave the supply chain complexities to us, while you focus on delivering the next big fashion trend to the world.

Time-Definite International and Time-Definite Express (TDI & TDX)

Premium, cross-border delivery of time-critical parcels and documents.

On-Demand Delivery (ODD)

Flexible last mile delivery options for your customers.

Break Bulk Express (BBX)

Consolidation of multiple express shipments into single large bundles that reduce customs clearance and delivery times, tracking and related costs.


User-friendly online experience for imports, exports, scheduling, shipment tracking.

DHL Express Commerce (DEC)

Integration of DHL services into e-commerce stores.

Paperless Trade (PPT)

Electronically transmit customs documents.

Advanced Duty Collection (ADC)

Arrange customs and duty payments online and in advance.

Trade Automation Service (TAS)

Toolkit for duty and land cost calculation with international shipping information.

Track and Trace

Real-time online shipment status

Be a Trendsetter 

Partner with the world’s leading logistics company and scale your business beyond borders. With over 50 years of experience and more than 110,000 certified international specialists in over 220 countries, we’ll set the stage to put you on the runway for international success.