4 Ways To Reach Out To The Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) Market

4 Mins Read
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According to the Phillipines Statistics Authority, Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) comprise one of the largest groups of migrant workers in the world, with Saudi Arabia being the most preferred destination for jobs. With more than 2.2 million OFWs working abroad at any given time, this resilient market has become a great area of opportunity for businesses in the Philippines and around the world. 

As global economies slowly climb their way back to pre-pandemic levels, it is only sensible to assume that OFW numbers will now continue to rise. This prognosis bodes well for Filipino business owners who are seeking to target the OFW market across the border. 

In this article, we have identified some ways in which you can reach out to this market segment.

1. Connecting families locally and internationally

One of the negative effects of working alone overseas is the feeling of separation and unfamiliarity. With reference to the Phillipines Statistics Authority, 12% of Filipino households having at least one OFW member, being able to bridge the gap between domestic and overseas family members will be one major influencing factor when making purchase decisions. Beyond just selling commodities such as the latest 5G smartphones or other communication tools, Filipino businesses can look into creating targeted services which enables these workers to connect better with their families back home. 

For example, companies in the Philippines can launch a care package service to allow those in the country to send homegrown products to their friends and family working in another economy. As many of these workers do not own a home in their place of work, you can also partner with a logistics company like DHL Express which allows your customers abroad to collect their parcel from a DHL ServicePoint instead.

2. Go online

Creating an online presence is one of the best ways to reach out to an international audience – even if they originate from where your business is located. Some of the basics include having a user-friendly website, developing an optimized social media marketing strategy and providing efficient shipping methods for your customers.

There are also plenty of advertising channels available in the digital ecosystem, with which you can leverage to reach out to OFWs all over the world.

3. Expanding payment modes

OFWs who start work abroad will probably register for a new bank account in the foreign country. This means that they may no longer be able to purchase e-commerce products using their preferred mode of payments in the Philippines.

Being able to adapt to evolving customer needs allows your business to stay competitive, and one of the ways to do so is to anticipate the need to expand your accepted payment types on your website. Do your research to find out the most popular payment method in the market you are selling to. Additionally, you can also offer integration tools which you can use to create a seamless checkout experience for your customers. At DHL Express, our Integration Solutions provide not just real-time shipping quotes in the preferred currency, but also enhance the functionality of your e-commerce website.

4. Improve brand awareness

Though it is easier said than done, cultivating a positive brand image can, in effect, attract and retain consumers. One of the best ways is to enable mass personalisation options within your business model – for example, allowing OFW customers to opt for more sustainable forms of packaging. It is also important to train your employees to deliver quality customer service to drive them down the marketing funnel. Doing so will help position your brand overtly within the marketplace economy.

Making Your Way to the OFW Market as a Filipino Business

Today, consumers around the world – including OFWs – expect their orders to be delivered quickly and efficiently. Therefore, even the best forms of outreach marketing will fail if Filipino businesses are unable to keep up with the growing demands.

At DHL Express, we not only work at lightning speed to get goods delivered abroad. As the world’s leading logistics company, we help businesses grow their expertise through a wide range of business services and solutions. Find out how we can help you reach out to the OFW market by reading our industry insights, or speak to our team of experts today. Create a DHL Express account with us now!