Build an Entrepreneurial Mindset With These Podcasts
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With a wide range of tools readily available at our fingertips today, anyone can start a business. However, not everybody has the knack for it. In this highly competitive market, entrepreneurship requires grit, creativity, and passion. Therefore, an innovative entrepreneur who dares to take risks and develop new initiatives and ideas will likely perform better.

In the Philippines, the number of people who have started their own businesses have been steadily growing in adoption in the past few years, and more so during the global pandemic In 2020 alone, there were 88,000 new online businesses registered, according to the Department of Trade and Industry.. With this trend in mind, budding entrepreneurs should focus on rising above their competitors. The good news is that with a strong entrepreneurial mindset and the right resources, this would be a less challenging process. 

One lesser known resource is the slew of business-related podcasts available on the internet. Created by successful entrepreneurs and industry personalities alike, these soundbites provide tips, tricks, and guides to help beginners embark on becoming successful business owners. Consequently, they are the perfect avenue to learn how to survive and thrive in the competitive landscape. 

Podcasts for entrepreneurs

Podcasts are highly accessible, and they are a good educational tool for the masses. Instead of reading stacks of books, entrepreneurial starters can gain useful information and skills directly from knowledgeable people. Some of these podcasts are:

  • Hustleshare

  • The Big Picture

  • The 80 Percent

  • Camp Confidence Radio

  • The Underpaid

Many of these podcasts are effective in honing the entrepreneurial spirit. They cover insights about the entrepreneurial process of popular types of Filipino entrepreneurships such as retail trading, hotels, and restaurants.

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Benefits of becoming an entrepreneur

Creativity in entrepreneurship can play a big part in the performance of  a startup. Still, building an innovative business depends on complex factors. While first-time entrepreneurs typically get complete control over their business, self-management can be a challenging aspect. Therefore, it is important to focus on your time management as well. Other benefits of becoming an entrepreneur include:

  • Freedom in decision-making

  • Self-development

  • Flexibility and creative expression

  • Positive economic opportunities

  • Form new experiences

  • Teambuilding

DHL Express supports entrepreneurs in the Philippines

One of the biggest challenges for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) is the lack of experience and knowledge. As a firm supporter of entrepreneurs, DHL Express offers help in the form of resources, ideas, and tools for new business owners. Some of these include a digital content hub and specialized help and support. 

As a reliable logistics service provider, we are also able to help businesses scale by reducing operations costs and providing solutions which target common consumer and business problems, such as same-day delivery options.

Whether you are an aspiring, small, or medium-sized entrepreneur in the Philippines, your goal is probably to find ways to amplify and grow your business. With our wide range of services, DHL Express can be your strong partner to help you reach your business objectives. Register for a DHL Express account today or contact our specialists to find out more.