4 Ways to Develop An Effective Export Strategy

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The COVID-19 outbreak has negatively impacted the world economy and trade across the globe. However, with the increase in vaccination rates and the easing of regulations for the past year in countries worldwide, governments are now looking for methods to boost their economy by various means such as pursuing overseas economic development.

In that light, aiding businesses in exporting and obtaining international investment is a brilliant way to help local communities reclaim jobs and capital. Here are some of the most effective approaches for businesses to build an export strategy in a post-pandemic world.

Best practices for businesses to build an effective export strategy

Time, money, skill, energy, concentration and commitment are all essential components of a successful exporting plan. Here are some important variables businesses should consider:

1.  Keep customers at the centre of your business

Keeping a healthy and long-lasting customer relationship always results in profits. As such, your export strategy should always be driven by the needs of your customers. Selling directly to your customers is a good approach. But, if you want to reach out to a wide range of customers, taking the assistance of international logistics providers can be of help.

Since customers from different geographies have different preferences, it is important that you cater to their specific needs. With DHL Express, you need not worry about your target market as we are well-adept at understanding geographical preferences, perfect to develop your export strategy. Our team understands that in order to build a successful business, winning customer trust is crucial.

2.  Offer quality products and flexible services

The products or services you supply are the starting point for an exporting strategy. Every market has its own set of preferences and rules. Understanding those qualities is critical for a company looking to establish its export business. Conducting trade and market research will help you gain a better grasp of the market you’re trying to step into, allowing you to create clear sales goals and assess competitors.

Tying up with an express delivery service provider like DHL Express will help you identify the right strategy for your business. Being a global logistics company, we seek to provide flexible products and services to our customers with the help of online shipping tools like MyDHL+ and On-Demand Delivery (ODD). We provide a variety of import solutions to meet all of your shipping requirements, for shipments of all sizes and varying intricacies.


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3.  Customs procedures and landed cost

Every exporter is aware that there are a slew of legal and regulatory restrictions that can impede the exporting plans. Hence,  before planning your export strategy, you have to understand the trade agreements and laws in a new market. For instance, some governments may want specific records or certificates relating to product health, quality and/or manufacture. If you are shipping from Singapore to Australia, remember that any quantity of baby formula must have a health certificate to meet the Australian quarantine needs. Knowing about these minute procedures ahead of time can help you develop competitive pricing strategies in your export plan and avoid costly mistakes.

Another factor to consider is the landed cost. Though the landed cost is a source of concern for importers, learning about it can help you gain a better knowledge of the cost dynamics and set competitive pricing for your target clients.

4. Work proactively with your logistics partner

Working dedicatedly with your shipping partner is a great way to get your products down to your customers. By choosing DHL as your trusted shipping partner, we can assist you with packaging, transit time optimisation, damage and cost reduction to bring value to your export strategy. Not only do we provide clarity about the import and export of various goods, we also notify our partners about their export paperwork requirements for hassle-free shipping.

We deeply care about every customers’ shipping experience and journey so that they can thrive even in the new normal. We ensure that companies have direct, door-to-door access to worldwide markets, allowing them to efficiently plan and organise their export plans.

If you wish to know more about how we can help you with your export business, contact our team of Certified International Specialists today.