4 mistakes to avoid when you send documents overseas

5 Mins Read
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With global businesses becoming increasingly important in today's market, many companies are turning to overseas suppliers and partners. However, when sending materials or documents containing sensitive information abroad, there is no margin for error as such delays or miscommunication can have a significant economic impact. As a business leader, you may already be familiar with the occasional hiccups that arise during cross-border collaboration but by avoiding common mistakes, you can ensure that your international correspondence runs smoothly every time.

In this blog, we will explore four errors to be wary of in order to achieve successful document shipping across geopolitical boundaries so your business keeps running at optimal efficiency – no matter where it is operating from. 

1.  Not having adequate insurance coverage

Sending important documents overseas requires preparation and attention to detail. Unfortunately, many people overlook the need for adequate insurance coverage when sending documents abroad, leaving them vulnerable in the event something goes wrong. Whether you’re sending a business proposal to a client or sending a contract to establish a once-in-a-lifetime business partnership, having the proper insurance coverage is essential to ensuring these valuable documents arrive safely at their destination.

As shipping items internationally carries with it certain risks, having a safety net in the form of insurance can provide much needed reassurance that whatever happens, you’re covered. Without the right insurance coverage when sending documents abroad, you could find yourself in a difficult situation – responsible for replacing any lost or damaged goods with no help from the shipping company. Knowing this, it’s important to check with your logistics provider before sending any materials overseas and ask about their insurance plan to ensure that your items are properly protected. For example, DHL Express offers a range of optional services, which includes adding comprehensive coverage in the event of damage or loss.

Don't let your important documents be taken by chance, invest in international document insurance and rest assured that your valuable items will make it across borders safe and sound.

2. Not packing your documents carefully

Shipping documents internationally can be complicated and fraught with risk. Even for experienced senders, the necessary due diligence in sending important packages abroad can be challenging. It is essential that each item is securely packed according to current standards and regulations; insufficient planning or packing carelessness could lead to significant shipping delays, physical damage and hefty losses. If you are sending documents overseas, it is imperative to take the time to properly consider all factors that could impact its successful shipment, including a thorough review of international shipping policies and rules, careful selection of type and amount of packing materials, safe and accurate labelling of items in order to avoid customs holds, as well as prudent tracking of shipment status along its journey. In sum, make sure your valuable documents are securely packaged with the required signatures on all your paperwork so that they arrive defect-free. 

3. Not choosing an appropriate overseas shipping option

Sending documents overseas can be a delicate process, as any delays or breakdowns in the chain of delivery could leave information and packages stranded abroad. This can cause major disruptions in communication with international contacts, resulting in wasted time and resources if an appropriate shipping option is not chosen. That being said, the key to sending documents across the globe successfully is choosing the right shipping service. 

For example, bypassing costly traditional mail and sending them abroad by utilising on-demand delivery services by a trusted logistics provider such as DHL Express is a great choice for anyone shipping important documents overseas. With its reliable network of staff and partners located all over the world, sending packages to remote locations is made possible. On-demand delivery is also efficient and quick, ensuring important documents get to their international destinations quickly and are delivered with care. 

Avoiding express delivery can be tempting when sending documents abroad due to the costs associated, but relying on standard shipping without any extra details may mean longer delivery turnarounds or even lost packages. If you’re wondering how to send your valuable materials securely and effectively, it's best to consider sending these important documents overseas using an express delivery service such as secure mail tracking, with an agreed-upon turnaround time that meets your expectations and needs. Doing so offers peace of mind and allows for complete visibility of all shipping transactions.

Depending on the time, cost and security that is needed, sending documents offshore requires careful consideration. By understanding specifically what type of shipping option is best for sending important documents overseas, these processes can become seamless and stress-free.

4. Neglecting to follow customs regulations

Sending important documents abroad can present an array of challenges, as shipping valuable items internationally requires a strict adherence to customs regulations. Neglecting these regulations can lead to significant delays and even the loss of your package. As such, it is important to ensure that any shipment abroad meets or exceeds all relevant standards needed by the destination country prior to shipping. This can include obtaining necessary approvals, reviewing safety standards or paying applicable taxes or tariffs urged by the destination country. To minimise risks, it is recommended that you research local shipping regulations before sending your documents overseas, and carefully consider the shipping service used to ensure compliance with the mandatory international requirements.

Send your documents overseas with confidence

Sending your important documents overseas can be made more efficient and stress-free by using a dependable logistics provider such as DHL Express. With a global network of over 220 countries and territories, we offer document courier services and other reliable and secure delivery solutions that can meet your specific needs and requirements. From express delivery services to custom shipping solutions, DHL Express provides a range of options to help you send your documents abroad effectively and with peace of mind. With real-time tracking, delivery confirmation, and 24/7 customer support, you can rest assured that your important documents will reach their destination safely and on time. Choose DHL Express for an efficient and hassle-free experience, and open a business account with us today.