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Drugstore as a franchise - is it a business idea?


Current as of: 03.02.2023

Whether you are just thinking about your own business or have already managed to develop a specific business model, any further ideas in this area are worth reviewing systematically. Dynamically changing market trends sometimes force entrepreneurs to completely change their approach to business. What should you keep in mind if you plan to start your own business in 2022? Which business ideas are likely to prove particularly profitable?

Business idea 2023 - what business is worth looking into?

The pandemic is still ongoing and, as a result, online business is growing worldwide. We continue to reduce leaving home and focus on those services and methods of obtaining goods that do not require this. Online shop sales are therefore constantly increasing, with newer and newer players entering the e-commerce market. All or part of their services are already moving en masse to the web, even companies that were operating fully stationary before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. So budding entrepreneurs should not be surprised that many market forecasts seem to suggest that it will be a good idea to focus on growing your own online business.

However, this does not mean that the offline business is no longer viable. High-quality goods and professional services are valued irrespective of current fashions, so specialising in a commercially valued field is a great idea for running your own business. What can you make money from? There is a growing demand in the market for healthy food delivered to the customer's doorstep, for example, so if you are looking for a ready-made idea, diet catering could be it. Do you have experience and expertise in an area? You can successfully create courses, tutorials and online training - the convenience of remote learning has led many consumers to appreciate this way of acquiring information and skills. If you have a rich imagination and your manual skills cannot be denied, you can try your hand at creating handmade items - handmade jewellery, toys, clothes or furniture is a great idea to monetise your passions.

How do you turn your plans into a profitable business?

Once you have managed to find your business idea, you can get on with making it a reality. Carefully analyse the market in which you intend to do business. Develop a model for the delivery of goods or services to the customer. Not sure which one to choose? The company responsible for the popular e-commerce platform, Shopify, has produced a report on a survey of its customers. The results showed that the highest satisfaction with sales performance is achieved by service providers in the subscription model (as many as 63% of such companies).

Whether you use tried and tested business ideas or experiment with your own concepts, you need to remember that your customer care will largely determine the reputation of your brand. So try to provide consumers with the highest standard of service and the ability to conveniently contact you or use the services of the business. If you are running a website business and have a larger budget, for example, you could design a mobile app that allows the customer to access the most important functions exclusively from their smartphone. If you are running a mail order business, be sure to implement the most popular payment options and ensure that buyers have access to fast and cheap courier services. With DHL eCommerce, not only can you offer customers attractive shipping prices, but you can also provide them with efficient door delivery or one of 15,000 DHL BOX 24/7.

Make your own business recognisable - how can you start attracting potential customers?

When pursuing your own business idea in 2023, you must not forget about effective online advertising. Depending on how much budget you have at your disposal, you can bet on a large-scale marketing strategy or focused promotional campaigns in specific channels that will allow customers to see your services. If you want Google's search engine to display your business website at the top of the results lists, make sure you have the right SEO practices in place. Don't forget how important social media is for today's consumers. So include them among your promotional and sales channels and ensure the presence of engaging content on your company profiles.