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Give customers secure card payment with courier

Take care of your business in times of epidemic.

April 1 we have introduced the possibility of a non-cash fee for the collection of

How does cashless cash on delivery work?

  • The recipient of the shipment has the option to choose how to pay the delivery to the courier - by card or cash
  • Payment is possible using many types of cards and tools e.g. Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, JCB, Proximity Blik, Alipay, so called wearables - smart watch or fitness wristbands.
  • The Non-Cash Payment Surcharge has been set up at 1.5% of the amount of collection, no less than zł2, and will be added to the Collection and Refund (COD) service.

Promotion to start! 0 PLN minimum fee!


We give up  minimum amount of the surcharge until the next change of the price list, with the possibility of renewal.

If you have questions about subsidies, contact your Sales Representative.


Your benefits in the #zostanwdomu

  • more customers - new customers are more likely to buy from you if they can pay by card on delivery
  • greater credibility - you show that you act responsibly (CSR)
  • increased security - no contact with cash
  • higher profit - less returns due to lack of cash

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