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Current as of: 1.06.2022

Sending parcels with DHL is simple and convenient, and you can send the parcel without even having to print the label - just enter the package number on the package. Na in a few steps you can order a courier to the indicated address or generate the number needed to send the package at the DHL POP parcel service point. As the sender, you manage your package according to your preferences. In addition to choosing the desired shipping method, you can also order additional services you need. 

DHL Shipment Types

You don't know how to send a parcel by courier? First, determine its size. We transport shipments of many dimensions: from an envelope and a small parcel, to XXL parcels and domestic pallets of various sizes. We transport shipments of many dimensions: from an envelope and a small parcel, to XXL parcels and domestic pallets of various sizes. This is a better alternative to sending a parcel in a parcel locker, where there are greater restrictions on the weight and size of the parcel.

Package Drop-Off Services

There are numerous additional services available to DHL customers. In DHL PaczKING, parcel insurance up to 6500 PLN is included in the price and you do not have to pay extra for it. Additional paid insurance applies only to parcels worth more than 6500 PLN. Another free amenity is our notifications via email or SMS about changes in the status of a package, such as when it was shipped or when it is expected to be delivered. Similarly, the recipient's ability to redirect the package remains free of charge. 

Pick-up package

Online sellers often face requests from buyers to pay on delivery. It is not uncommon for such an option to determine the finalization of a deal. If you want to provide comfort to your customer, for an additional fee, order a cash on delivery package with payment made by the recipient on delivery.

DHL also offers other services, such as a next-day delivery guarantee and delivery of a package to the recipient by 12:00 pm.

How to send a package? 3 easy steps

The package drop-off process via DHL PaczKING consists of 3 steps.

  1. Enter Shipment Details at
  2. Prepare the package, taking care to secure it. Useful tips for careful packing are provided here.
  3. Order a courier to the specified address, for example, to your home or office. You can also use DHL POP. In Poland, we have 15,000 DHL POP points. Many of them can be found in places you visit every day, such as Żabka, Inmedio, Kaufland, ABC or Shell.

Remember to address your shipment legibly

Correctly addressing the package, selecting the form of payment and providing contact information for the recipient is a guarantee of fast and trouble-free delivery of your package. We allow to send a shipment without printing a label. Just write your shipment number on the package.

Send parcels in Poland and abroad

By choosing DHL PaczKING to ship your parcel, you gain the ability to quickly and conveniently send parcels with delivery both in Poland and in 28 other European countries. Whether you are sending a parcel to Germany, Spain, the UK, Italy or the Netherlands, you can be sure that we will complete the parcel transportation service for you. Customers who are interested in International shipments can benefit from a package insurance of up to €500 in price. They have constant access to information on the status of the shipment through When the package is delivered, recipients receive an email notification. As with domestic shipments, a wide range of additional services remains available.

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