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B2B shipments to Germany - DHL Parcel Poland


Current as of: 20.08.2022

Courier delivery is a way to efficiently and safely deliver many types of goods, which is used by individuals and businesses alike. Thanks to the development of courier companies, it has become possible to quickly ship packages from Poland to many other countries, including Germany. What to pay attention to when planning to send shipments to our western neighbors? What solutions for business do courier companies offer?

Courier shipments to Germany - is it worth sending packages to Germany via courier?

International shipments are a constantly evolving part of courier companies' business. Thanks to modern infrastructure and constantly improving logistics solutions, this service is becoming cheaper and cheaper, and the estimated delivery time of the shipment is decreasing. Competitive offerings from these companies have conquered the Polish market, and it is becoming increasingly rare to rely on state postal services. Therefore, using the services of courier industry leaders is a chance to get fast and cheap courier shipments not only to other Polish cities, but also to Germany.

How much does it cost to send a package to Germany and what makes up the cost?

How much a package shipped from Poland to Germany costs depends on a number of factors. The main criterion affecting how much an entrepreneur or his customer will pay for delivery of a shipment is the characteristics of the goods being transported. In particular, the weight and dimensions of the shipment already finished and fully packed are important here. The heavier and larger the items being shipped, the higher the price for parcel delivery to Germany will be. However, some companies offering courier services allow to reduce the cost per single parcel by offering entrepreneurs to establish a partnership. An agreement with a company like DHL eCommerce is a way to get low-cost parcels for business without sacrificing high-quality service.

The shipper must prepare the shipment for transport, which will naturally involve allocating some funds for the necessary materials. Also included in the shipping cost are various additional servicesif they have been purchased.

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DHL eCommerce offers you insurance for your goods, but if you have a need, you have the option to cover your packages in a higher amount. The value, the payment of which allows you to send a package, also includes the costs that must be borne by any carrier providing services on the Polish or European market. The shipping price therefore includes taxes and fuel surcharge.

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How to prepare foreign shipments and what to take care of when sending packages to Germany?

Both Poland and Germany are members of the European Union. Thanks to membership in this community, procedures for transporting goods between countries are greatly facilitated and do not require a lot of paperwork. However, to make sure that the shipment of the package will not be accompanied by any negative consequences and that it will go smoothly, it is necessary to know the legal status that the shipped items have in Germany. It is also worth checking how long, according to the carrier's statement, it usually takes to send a package to Germany - this will give you an estimate of the delivery time.

It is no less important to read the rules and regulations of the courier company used by the entrepreneur.

It is essential to find out:

  • Aren't the goods among those excluded from international shipment service?
  • Do their weight and dimensions exceed the carrier's permitted values?

If the shipment consists of more than one item. Parcels shipped without regard to these rules may result in additional charges to the sender or even be returned to him at his expense.

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What courier to send a package to Germany?

Before an entrepreneur decides to order a courier, he must check whether the conditions offered by the carrier meet the needs of the company. With DHL eCommerce, you get access to a suite of convenient tools for easier and faster shipment management. Parcel shipping to Germany and the processes associated with it can be automated with their help, saving the business owner money and time. E-commerce entrepreneurs can count on free integration of the carrier's systems with many of the most popular sales platforms, improving the convenience of the online store.

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To keep tabs on the route your shipped items are taking, it's a good idea to make sure the carrier offers tracking of the shipment at every stage of its journey. This will allow both the trader and his customers to learn about the occurrence of any delays or irregularities in the delivery process. With DHL eCommerce, you can meet your customers’ expectations and give them the convenience to pick up their shipment. The package can be delivered to the specified address or redirected to one of the carrier's pickup points.