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How to send a package? - DHL Parcel Poland


Current as of: 20.08.2022

The steadily gaining e-commerce market is constantly attracting new players. In the face of increasing competition, it is worth making sure that every element of the purchasing process is simple and transparent for customers, and that the services offered are reliable. That's why it's so important to choose the right courier service for an e-shop - it's what determines whether orders will reach buyers quickly and safely. What should you know about shipping goods in online stores?

How do I prepare a shipment for shipment?

Sending a package by courier is easy, but preparing it properly for transport is already a bit more challenging. This step is definitely worth spending some time and attention - well-packed goods are protection against possible damage and increase the likelihood of the shipment arriving intact. Before shipping, therefore, it is necessary to get the right kind of packaging - depending on the type of goods, for example, these can be envelopes with strong glue or cardboard boxes made of durable, multi-layered corrugated cardboard.

The item inside the package needs to be secured, especially if it is extremely vulnerable to damage from shocks or bruises that may occur during the transportation and sorting process. For fragile goods, it is a good idea to use padding to reduce the amount of free space inside the package, and wrap the product itself in bubble wrap. Appropriate stickers should also be placed on the outer layer of the package, which will serve as a guide for the courier and let him know how he should handle the shipment.

How to send a package to impress the buyer? The aesthetics of the packaging are also worth taking care of, regardless of whether the store serves individual or business customers. Carefully packaged package, bearing the company's logo or other elements of corporate identity will improve brand recognition among buyers, express professionalism and attention to every detail of the services offered. When designing the outer layer of the package, include space for sender and recipient data and other important information.

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Courier services for an online store - is it worth it? What to look out for?

Over the past decades, the courier services market has undergone many changes. To send a domestic package cheaply, it is now no longer necessary to use delivery through the state postal service. Modern courier companies not only constantly improve their price offerings, but also lead the way in terms of speed of delivery - their customer can receive the order even on the same day. It is these features, among others, that make online shoppers most likely to choose the services of private carriers. Providing shoppers with access to the offerings of a reputable courier company such as DHL eCommerce is also a way to increase sales - consumers trust recognizable carriers more.

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The market for courier services is moving with the times and more and more solutions dedicated to e-commerce are appearing on the market. Popular carriers are eager to work with online stores, offering a range of services for both smaller and larger online stores. With DHL eCommerce, e-commerce owners have access to, among other things, free platform integration with the carrier's system. This step will maximize the simplification of shipping order processes, including the ability to quickly generate waybills or order a courier with just a few clicks.

Not just courier shipments. What customer amenities will a professional carrier provide?

Tailoring to customers' needs is a key factor for success in the market. So, when choosing a carrier for an online store, it's worth making sure that ordering customers will be able to take advantage of all sorts of facilities that will allow them as much flexibility as possible when it comes to managing the shipment. Additional services that are important from the customer's point of view include re-addressing the shipment, basic insurance or changing the delivery date. You will also need the ability to track the package at every stage of its journey without worrying about additional costs.

Recipients who are busy or often away from home will appreciate, for example, a next business day delivery guarantee, morning or late evening delivery, or Saturday package delivery. People who, for some reason, are unable to wait for the courier to arrive at home or work, often choose to pick up their parcel at the carrier's facility, partner point or parcel machine. It is worth taking care to provide them with such convenience, establishing cooperation with a company that is constantly developing a network of places where you can pick up your shipment at a convenient time.

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