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DHL BOX 24/7 machines

Discover a convenient way to pick up your parcels in our packet vending  machines.
Offer DHL BOX 24/7 machines to your customers and increase the number of delivery points at no extra charge!

The DHL BOX 24/7 is a convenient and eco-friendly complement to your POP customers.

Shipment Weight and Dimensions:

(single piece package, up to 25kg)

  • package S (small) - 64 x 38 x 8 cm
  • package M (mean) - 64 x 38 x 19 cm,
  • package L (large) - 64 x 38 x 41 cm.

Download instructions for integrating the map on your website

Scan QR code or check for how to integrate a map
DHL POP and DHL BOX 24/7

Download Shopping Cart Branding

Scan QR code or download from page branding materials that can be  used in the webshop

DHL BOX 24/7 delivery can be selected:

  • when selecting a delivery point in the e-shop,
  • as part of the Route Package service.

Why do they use DHL BOX 24/7?

  • recipients gain new points for collecting parcels in person, at a time and place convenient for them,
  • You can pick up your parcel at the machine as early as the next working day after it has been posted,
  • a consignment can wait up to 4 calendar days from the date of delivery to the vending machine for collection,
  • collecting the parcel is quick and easy. All you need to do is receive your SMS from DHL eCommerce,
  • When the door code is entered, the door from the box with the package opens and can be picked up.

FAQs about vending machines

  • To make delivery available to DHL BOX 24/7 machines do not need to sign an addendum to the contract or additional documents.

    All you need is a standard contract with DHL eCommerce for shipping.

  • In order for e-commerce customers to be able to select DHL BOX 24/7 machines as a delivery option, it is necessary to integrate a map of DHL POP collection points (DHL POP Parcel Service Points) into the website where it will be available.

    In order to send a parcel to the DHL BOX 24/7 machines, it is necessary to fill in the data for notifications (e-mail, mobile phone number), which will be needed upon receipt. The package must not be more heavier than 25kg and must not exceed 64x38x41cm. The package must not be more heavier than 25kg and must not exceed 64x38x41cm.

  • On our pick-up point map, we marked them in yellow.


Mój DHL app is a modern, convenient application for handling parcels from DHL from any device (desktop and mobile). It operates  from a web browser (PWA technology). To use the app, all you need to do is enter your phone number.



  • History of all shipments (courier, POP and vending machines)
  • Tracking the courier on a map
  • Calling the courier from within the app
  • Option to open the locker remotely
  • Possibility of parcel management (e.g. parcel redirection)
  • "Navigate to" DHL BOX / POP Point option
  • Ability to receive push notifications about the status of your parcel


From now on, you can already pay in the Mój DHL app for a cash-on-delivery parcel to a DHL BOX 24/7 machine using:

  • blik
  • payment card
  • rapid e-transfer


How do I enable push notifications in the Mój DHL app?

You can already receive notifications about Push the status of your parcel in the Mój DHL app. Everything in one place - information on parcels and their status. You don't have to look for email notifications in your inbox or keep track of text messages.

To use notifications:

  • Enable consent for push notifications in the Mój DHL app settings:


Select the "more" tab in the bottom menu"


In the application settings," select Privacy/Consent.


Under "Notifications and marketing consent"," tick the box for PUSH notifications.



  • Enable consent for notifications in your phone settings for the Mój DHL app
    option: Allow notifications.


The Mój DHL app can be downloaded from Google Play and the App Store.
To download the app, scan the QR code below.

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