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They will improve your work and manage your shipments. For example, thanks to the free "Redirect Package" you can make it easier for customers to pick up - they change the delivery date or address themselves. Some additional services are already included in the shipping price and others are available at an additional cost.

International Shipments - Price Services

  • By email or SMS, the Recipient receives information about the delivery of the shipment, the date, location, and estimated delivery times.

  • The service includes access to the current status of the shipment on the page

  • Applies to single element shipments, up to 31.5 kg.

    A self-printed label and package preparation is required before making a point.

    It is also possible to drop back your return packages to Poland abroad at DHL ServicePoint and DHL Locker, as available in your country.

    Point Network Information:

  • In the delivery process, DHL eCommerce uses your Receivers preferences for when and where your shipment is delivered, including the ability to direct your shipment for pickup at one of DHL ServicePoints. 

    The shipment is pending DHL ServicePoint from 7 to 15 calendar days. 

    For information on DHL ServicePoint points, please refer to the Paperless Shipping Tools.

  • Confirmation electronically available after reporting to the Sender via DHL eCommerce Customer Service. Service not available for France.

  • Electronic Invoice is available on the website This service includes sending information about your invoice.

  • Destruction of a non-delivery shipment consistent with the Shipper's disposition. Non-deliverable is a shipment that cannot be delivered by DHL to or received by the Recipient.

International Shipments - Additional Services

  • Provide additional financial protection from loss or destruction of a shipment up to PLN 100,000.

  • The amount due for the goods delivered with a value not exceeding EUR 1,500 or CZK 40,000 or RON 6,750 or 2,900 BGN (currency depends on the country where the delivery is made) can be collected from the consignee. The amount will be transferred to the Sender's currency account within 6 business days from the next business day after delivery (the date of transfer from the DHL eCommerce bank account applies).

    COD Service applies to countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary.

  • Return Shipment to Shipper. An undeliverable consignment is a consignment which could not be delivered by DHL to the Consignee due to the absence of the Consignee, refusal of acceptance, refusal to pay the amount of collection under the additional service COLLECTION AND REIMBURSEMENT (COD), submission of incomplete/incorrect data on the customs clearance form by the sender, non-payment of duties resulting from customs clearance by the recipient, lack of correct address data, cancellation of collection.

  • Charge for handling shipments for which DHL eCommerce prints the label based on electronic data prepared by Customer.

  • The charge for cardboard packaging, foil and envelopes is dependent on their dimensions.

  • The charge charged when the Courier has been substituted in accordance with the order and the shipment has not been issued to the Courier or the Sender was not attainable.

  • The charge will be billed to your shipments:

    • one of the dimensions is greater than 120 x 60 x 60 cm for DHL PARCEL CONNECT, DHL PARCEL RETURN CONNECT, DHL PARCEL CONNECT PLUS
    • one of the dimensions is greater than 100 x 50 x 50 cm for DHL PARCEL INTERNATIONAL
    • placed on a pallet that exceeds 80 cm for DHL PARCEL CONNECT PALLET – PALLET

    You will also be charged for your shipments:

    • round shaped, cylindrical
    • O-shaped vulture and tulip shape, triangle or oval
    • with irregular shapes with protruding parts
    • containing loose, heavy components or those whose weight distribution is uneven
    • which all objects are partially wrapped or do not have a container, but for which no packaging has an effect on the ability to transport (e.g. tires, mattresses, etc.)
    • consisting of multiple shipments that exceed standard dimensions
    • a sticky surface that prevents slipping (e.g. rubber, etc.)
    • packaged in a loose package with a string (i.e., where the contents can be moved and the gravity of gravity is moved during transport)
    • which packaging contains: synthetic, metal, wood, fabrics, films, rubber-edged objects or closures (e.g. bags, bags, bucket, foil)
    • containing objects or devices that produce a magnetic field

    The fee is also charged when returning a non-deliverable shipment.

    For shipments to and from Italy with DHL PARCEL CONNECT and DHL PARCEL RETURN CONNECT, custom components are not available.


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  • The charge will be charged if the spatial weight of the item exceeds the maximum actual weight for each product. The fee is also charged when returning a non-deliverable shipment.

  • Up to a maximum value of goods of EUR 1,000. See page for detailed list of excluded goods

    It is not possible to receive a confirmation of export entitling to apply 0% VAT rate on exports. 
    Requires self-preparation CN23 Declaration and proforma invoices in DHL24.
    Printed customs documents must be attached to the shipment.

    The shipper is responsible for shipping and clearing customs and import customs.

    For certain types of shipments, the Recipient may be required to pay duties, taxes, handling fees and other duties resulting from import clearance.
    For merchandise less than £135, the Shipper must pay VAT.

    See page for shipment details

  • Up to the maximum value of the goods PLN 100,000. See page for detailed list of excluded goods

    It gives the possibility of receiving a confirmation of export, entitling to apply 0% VAT rate on exports.

    Requires DHL eCommerce Power of Attorney to act as a direct representative to file a customs declaration and an electronic commercial invoice to the shipment.

    The shipper is responsible for shipping and clearing customs and import customs.

    For certain types of shipments, the Recipient may be required to pay duties, taxes, handling fees and other duties resulting from import clearance.

    See page for shipment details

  • It allows the customs clearance of goods from different tariffs. The charge will occur if there are more than five items in total in the declaration resulting from different tariffs and will be charged for each code above five.

    Does not apply to shipments with simplified check-in.

  • The fuel and road charge is added to the basic price of the shipment (no additional service costs).

    The fee is determined by the average market price of the diesel oil and air fuel.

    The fuel and road charge is equal to all international products.

    The current fee is available on

  • DHL reserves the right to charge the Customer an administration fee if it needs to be resent requests for payment for services.

  • Invoice preparation fee containing a detailed list of invoiced transactions including bill of lading number, Shipper and Consignee name and shipment charges.

  • Administrative fee associated with the return of DHL service.

  • Electronic Invoice Attachment.

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