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Current as of: 05.10.2022

Courier companies have been providing services to mail-order businesses for years. The advantages of such cooperation are appreciated by entities of the widest range, from small family businesses to international e-commerce companies. On the market you can find many courier company offers aimed at business customers, but how to choose the best one? What should you pay special attention to before you decide to sign a contract with a courier company?

Professional courier services for the company - why are they so important?

Taking care of customers' needs is one of the most important factors for a successful business in the market. Companies that meet the expectations of buyers and constantly improve the quality of services have a chance to make a lasting mark on the consumer. It is also much easier for them to build a positive brand image. One way to improve the standard of customer service is to give customers the option of ordering their desired goods through a reputable, reliable carrier.

After all, the quality of the delivery will depend on which courier company the business owner bets on. To avoid such situations as lost or damaged shipments in transit, it is worthwhile to establish cooperation with the most popular players active on the Polish market for years, such as DHL eCommerce. Developed, modern infrastructure and years of experience allow such carriers to deliver orders safely, quickly and with the utmost customer care.

Another reason to sign a contract with a courier company is the much lower prices with a single package.

Why work directly with a carrier?

  • greater volume of shipments
  • Regularly sending them is a chance to get particularly attractive prices, which will reduce the amount for delivery that the buyer pays.

Customers highly value their choice of delivery method and are more likely to shop at those stores where shipping costs little. Signing a contract with the right courier company is therefore also a chance to encourage even the most frugal to buy.

What is worth knowing when planning to establish cooperation with one of the courier companies?

The basic step with which to begin the search for a courier company is to accurately determine the needs of the entrepreneur and his business. First of all, this applies to the characteristics of the goods being shipped. Check that the goods being shipped do not exceed the dimensional limits of the courier company in question. If an entrepreneur is planning an occasional shipment out of the country, he can make sure that the courier company in question has not only domestic shipments, but also international ones.

A signed contract with a courier company is an important step in the development of many businesses. The change is not uncommonly noticed by customers as well. In doing so, it is worth making sure that the carrier you are considering working with is respected in its market, characterized by reliability and fast delivery of any type of package. So it's a good idea to bet on popular brands such as DHL eCommerce - they usually boast a high level of satisfaction among their customers and a large number of people who regularly use their services.

The offerings of the largest carriers are also characterized by a wide range of available additional services, including the redirection of a package or the ability to track it at every stage of its journey to the recipient.

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Courier for an online store - what is important?

In online stores, smart, simple solutions are always at a premium. Cutting-edge courier companies also know this, and in recent years have managed to introduce numerous services and tools dedicated to e-commerce into their offerings. Among them, those that allow you to automate certain activities related to the shipping process are particularly important, making the daily sending of multiple shipments much simpler. Online store owners or those considering such a business should therefore pay attention to what their industry can offer the carrier.

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Availability of different delivery methods - why does it matter?

A professional courier company is also one that does not limit its customers to only one delivery method. So before signing a contract, it is worth checking what a particular carrier can offer our buyers in terms of ways to deliver a package to the recipient.

For example, the increasingly popular parcel points, which allow you to pick up your shipment at your convenience, without having to wait for the courier to arrive, can be an interesting proposition.

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