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Current as of: 27.10.2023

Vending machines have become a permanent feature of Polish housing estates and are extremely popular. It is through them that Poles most often pick up their purchases ordered online or make returns. They are used by up to 97% of consumers* and parcel machine deliveries already account for almost half of all deliveries**.

Why use DHL BOX 24/7 machines

Why is this form of delivery so popular? Flexibility - because you decide when you can pick up your parcel yourself. However, the most commonly practised 24 hours for parcel collection may not be sufficient. For this reason, the DHL BOX 24/7 vending machines have extended the time for collection to 4 days. We understand that the pace of life, the rush or the need to meet all obligations often preclude  the possibility of collecting a parcel within 2 days. We have therefore extended this time for the comfort of our customers.

Making it easier to send or receive parcels at a DHL BOX 24/7 machine is their location. They are most often located in places frequented by residents of the area - around markets, petrol stations or schools. The parcels are usually picked up "on the way" from work to home, but there are times when DHL BOX 24/7 users go to them as part of a walk with their pet, a jog or a bike ride. DHL BOX vending machines - despite their primary utility function - are aesthetically pleasing, in muted colours and blend in with their surroundings. This is because the shade of grey of our vending machines was indicated by respondents in the survey.

It is worth noting that by using DHL's services, you are taking care of the environment, as sending parcels eliminates the need to print paper labels, so translates into less paper consumption and less strain on the environment.

NEW! Efficient and contact-free opening of the locker

With DHL BOX 24/7 machines, you have the option of opening the box  quickly, efficiently and contactlessly. How to do it? Simply install the application MY DHL. The app works from the phone, but also from any other device. All you need is a telephone number,  a few clicks and you can remotely open the box while receiving your shipment.

What else can you find in the MY DHL app?

  • Gathered in one place  all the information about your parcels - whether by courier, DHL BOX 24/7 machine or POP point.
  • Real-time parcel tracking. This means that you will always have up-to-date information about the location of your shipment and plan your activities according to this information.
  • Management of your delivery with the possibility of redirecting it to a DHL BOX 24/7 machine,  a POP point or rescheduling the delivery if you are unable to collect the parcel at the address given.
  • Information, which packages must be paid for before collection and what the collection value is.

How do I get started with the MY DHL app?

If you're not yet using a parcel posting app, it's high time you started!

It's easier than you think - download the app from the Google Play shop or APP Store and enter your phone number.

For more information and news on DHL BOX 24/7 vending machines, please visit And if you want to find out more about the application, go to

If you are planning on shipping, we have something special for you! Grab a 20% discount code on DHL BOX 24/7. Use code: CON23B20 giving your shipping information on and drop your package off at a nearby DHL BOX 24/7 vending machine. The code is valid on shipments in sizes XS to M, when paying online and is valid until 31.12.2023.


*survey commissioned by Colliers, 12.2021, N=400

**based on DHL eCommerce’s multi-source market intelligence