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Drop off a package at a point or slot

With in DHL and DHL BOX 24/7 machines, you can conveniently send your parcel, both nationally and internationally. DHL POP, along with DHL BOX 24/7 machines, create for example, the petrol stations, shops and newsagents that you will find in your neighbourhood - such as the following. Zabka, Inmedio and Shell. You don't need to wait for the courier at home - send your parcel on your way to work, or while you're shopping!


Drop off a package at a point or slot

Complete your shipment information online at and leave your package at one of 18,000 DHL POP or DHL BOX 24/7 locations.

If you are an Individual Customer, you do not have a contract with DHL and you pay at shipment:

You can send:

  • package national,
  • package international,
  • package for download.

Weight and dimensions of the consignments to be carried in accordance with the characteristics of the service.

For details, see Price List for Individual Customers (Polish).


Prepare your shipment

and secure it for the duration of your journey.


Prepare shipment data

You can also enter your details and pay for the package Online.


Leave a package

at the selected DHL POP or DHL BOX 24/7 machine.


Tracking a Shipment

Do you have a DHL BOX 24/7?

You will ship a package up to 25kg in it.

Benefit from convenient lockers in sizes:

  • size S
  • size M
  • size L

When you drop off a package with DHL (when you complete the package dimensions in the form boxes), the system will match your package to the correct box size.

In the price of the shipment:

Insurance up to 6500 PLN for domestic shipments and up to 500 EURO for international shipments.

Shipment Status Information Available on Page track shipment.

E-mail notifications - information for
recipient of the shipment, the date on which the shipment was
place and expected hours

Send the package to the courier

Choose from one of the great price packages and book your DHL courier online!

International Mail

Learn more about international bestoutings for Individual Clients.

DHL service price list

Check the prices of DHL services for Individual Customers.