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DHL24 is your shipping management hub for DHL eCommerce. The portal is available at
Enjoy an online account with DHL24, so you can manage your own shipments from DHL eCommerce without having to contact the helpline.

How does DHL24 work?

DHL24 is an internet-based application that enables our customers to send parcels. It is available at, does not require installation, operates via a web browser, and its basic functions are as follows:

  • Printing consignment notes or directional labels
  • ordering a DHL eCommerce Courier, also by a third party,
  • Calculating prices according to the customer's conditions
  • Access to confirmation of the parcel delivery with the recipient's signature
  • Making and monitoring of complaints' status.

Learn about the benefits of using DHL24:

  • You will save time and money - no need to contact our hotline
  • You will manage your parcels whenever you want - 7 days a week, 24 hours a day
  • You will have access to all information in one place - e.g. shipment history, interventions, complaints.

DHL24 contact form - the fastest way of settling ongoing issues

It is worth using DHL24 contact forms (e-forms) because we prioritise any issues reported using them. We support:

  • Instructions for a parcel
  • Interventions connected with a parcel
  • Financial interventions
  • Shipment complaints,
  • Invoice complaints,
  • General complaints.

I am a DHL eCommerce customer
and I do not have an account in DHL24

I am a DHL eCommerce customer
and I have an account in DHL24

Frequently asked questions about DHL24:

  • DHL24 contact forms (e-forms) make it possible to report all issues connected with parcels or transport fees. 34 forms are grouped into 6 basic subject areas, which enable users to adjust the form of the report to its content. Each form is prepared in such a way so that it is possible to gather all necessary information/documents needed for effective report acceptance. This guarantees a fast and reliable response and keeps the exchange of information to a minimum - thus saving time.

  • DHL24 contact forms (e-forms) are available to registered service users of the website.

    • Issues reported using the DHL24 contact forms (e-forms) have higher priority than cases reported via standard e-mail messages. It means they are processed first, so the response time is much shorter.
    • The DHL24 website makes it possible to track the status of issues reported via DHL24 contact forms, and after the user has agreed, communication concerning the case status is proactive.
    • DHL24 contact forms are a structured form of case reporting to DHL eCommerce.
      This increases effectiveness and the speed of response and it keeps the exchange of information to a minimum.
      It means saving time.
    • Electronic reporting is free of charge, quick and convenient.