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Did you know you can’t pick up your shipment from DHL eCommerce? Redirect it!

Recipients receive in DHL eCommerce ability free Changes to the delivery date or location.

The service is useful and convenient - it requires neither contact with the sender nor with the courier.

Learn how parcel redirection works in DHL eCommerce!

Reroute your package in DHL eCommerce step by step:

  1. Online purchase
    When you complete a purchase in an online store, you provide a mobile phone number or email to which we will send you notifications about the scheduled date and delivery address.

  2. Preparing your shipment for shipping
    At the stage of preparing the shipment for shipment, the online store provides us with the contact details of the buyer / recipient of the package: e-mail address or mobile phone number.

  3. Shipment notifications
    When our courier picks up a package from the store, we send you a notification with information about the expected date and place of delivery of the shipment and a link and data (shipment number and PIN) enabling you to use the Redirect Package service.

  4. Redirect a shipment
    After logging in to the, the recipient of the package can change the address and delivery date, indicate an alternative delivery address, or cancel the pick-up. Such changes can be made multiple times until 23:59 of the day before delivery of the package.

  5. Delivery of the shipment
    The package is delivered in accordance with what has been reported through the "Redirect Package". If no changes have been made, the package will be delivered to the address provided by the sender as standard.

Common questions about redirecting a package in DHL eCommerce

    • to any other address within a single DHL eCommerce region;
    • to DHL partner eCommerce - we have a network of partner points across Poland;
    • to dhl locker point - vending machine. They are available in Warsaw, Wroclaw, Krakow and Poznan.
    • to Neighbor – You can use the service to add an additional address near the address you want to deliver your package to. If there is no one at the main address, he will leave the package at the neighbor's address.
    • back to the sender if you do not want to receive the shipment.
  • The package can be redirected as early as the day of delivery until 23:59 and after the first failed delivery attempt.

  • The courier will try to deliver the shipment the next business day after it has been shipped.
    If the courier does not find you, it will leave you a visa.
    The next day (excluding Sundays and holidays) after the first unsuccessful delivery attempt, you will be able to (can) pick up your shipment at the DHL eCommerce Customer Centre. You will find the address of the service point in the note.
    If you do not collect the parcel personally, on the next business day our courier will try to deliver your shipment once more. If the courier finds you are once again not available, they will leave you a note.
    For 4 calendar days after the second unsuccessful delivery attempt, you will be able to (can) collect your shipment from a DHL eCommerce Customer Centre. You will find the address of the service also in the note.

  • We offer two delivery attempts free of charge. After two unsuccessful attempts, you will be able to pick up your shipment from the DHL eCommerce Customer Centre.

  • If a shipment is not delivered / collected:

    a) After two unsuccessful delivery attempts and 4 calendar days for personal collection at DHL Customer Centre The eCommerce shipment will be sent back to the sender.

    b) When you redirect a shipment on and it is nevertheless not delivered/received within 10 calendar days after shipment, we will send it back to the sender within 11 days.

  • On the "Redirect Package" service" it is possible to:

    • Change the delivery date of the package by courier to a different date than originally planned.
    • Change the delivery address if you know that the courier will not find you at the address indicated by the sender.
    • Indicate or change an alternate address (e.g. Neighbor's address) if you are not sure that you will be present at the arrival of the courier. If the courier does not find you, he will try to deliver the parcel to an alternative address.
    • After delivery, you will receive an email/sms notification with a confirmation of delivery.
    • Choose the pick-up option at the DHL eCommerce partner point without waiting for delivery by courier.
    • Cancel the collection of the package if you no longer wish to order the goods.

    You can change your delivery address or redirect your shipment to a DHL partner location for pickup eCommerce only within the delivery terminal at the address specified by the shipper. In order to change the delivery details so that the parcel can be handled by another terminal, you can do it by contacting the sender.

    The service will tell you if you should contact the sender.

  • The PIN code is a string of six digits associated with each parcel, which enables the user to log on to the “Redirect a Parcel” site.

  • You will get one PIN code for each parcel (each consignment note). If you wait for multiple parcels from different senders, you will get individual PIN codes for every shipment via a notification message.

  • There is the option “I don't have a PIN code” available on the “Redirect the parcel” service home site. It makes it possible to resend the e-mail/SMS message with the PIN code. You have to enter the consignment note reference number and your phone number / e-mail address matching the data given by the sender.

  • In the service you can make a change in the delivery of shipments:

    • National weighing up to 31.5 kg or whose sum of dimensions (length + width + height) is a maximum of 300cm.
    • International road shipments DHL Parcel Connect delivered in Poland.
  • You cannot redirect a parcel in the following cases:

    • if you have chosen to collect your order(s) at a DHL eCommerce Partner Point
    • if the consignment weighs more than 31,5kg or its sum of dimensions (length + width + height) is greater than 300cm,
    • if the sender has not provided your contact details - mobile phone number or email address.
  • DHL eCommerce reserves the right not to proceed if, after verification, your shipment is found to weigh more than:

    • 31.5 kg and/or the sum of its sides (length + width + height) exceeds 3 meters.
    • 25kg and/or has dimensions greater than 80x60x60cm and you have selected(s) pick-up at DHL eCommerce Partner Point.

    In such cases we will contact you and arrange delivery details.

  • You will get a notification about a possibility of changing delivery details on the “Redirect a Parcel” site:

    • After the sender has handed over the shipment to DHL eCommerce for carriage.
    • After a failed attempt to deliver the shipment to the address indicated in the consignment note (notification of the shipment).
    • When you do not have cash to pay the amount due, e.g. for a collection. Note - a necessary condition for notifications to be activated is that the sender provides your e-mail address or mobile phone.
  • It’s good to know that: The “Redirect a Parcel” site is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The time of service depends on the time at which you make the change to the service.

    • You can make the change as early as the day of shipment. The latest deadline for making a change is the day before the second failed delivery attempt. After this date, you will be able to pick up the shipment in person at the DHL Customer Service Point or cancel the shipment.
    • In order for us to complete your order, i.e. deliver the next business day, you need to make a change by midnight the day before.
    • By midnight, you can make several dispositions. However, each subsequent request will cancel the previous one. We will deliver your shipment in accordance with your last decision via the "Redirect Package" service. If you make an order after midnight, we will be able to complete it at the earliest on the next business day (example: disposition submitted at 00:01 on Monday, execution of the disposition at the earliest on Tuesday), but always according to your decision.
    • The instruction may be submitted no later than midnight on the ninth calendar day after the date of posting with the execution date no later than the next business day.
  • We may process your order at the earliest on the next business day after it has been submitted or on any other date you have provided, but no later than 10 days from the date of shipment.

  • For shipments posted up to Thursday, you can make changes no later than Friday midnight so that we can deliver them on Saturday.

    In order for us to be able to deliver on Saturdays on Fridays, the sender should mark this service when writing out the consignment note.

  • Bold descriptions next to the fields to be filled in indicate that they must be filled in. Thanks to this, we will be able to deliver your package quickly.

  • At DHL partner point eCommerce can collect a shipment that meets the following criteria:

    • its weight does not exceed 25kg,
    • its dimensions do not exceed 80x60x60cm,
    • is one-piece,
    • is insured up to a value of max. 6500 PLN,
    • you have been given a mobile phone number to the recipient (necessary to obtain the notification and PIN code required to receive the shipment),
    • transport costs shall be covered by the consignor,
    • has been given without additional services such as: Return of confirmed documents (ROD), including Personal Signature; Proof of service (POD),
    • the parcel was sent without the requirement that the courier collects the money from the recipient/refund the amount due for the ordered goods (COD).
  • Shipment Awaiting Pickup at DHL Partner Point eCommerce counts regardless of the time your shipment is waiting for pickup at DHL Customer Centre eCommerce and this is 4 calendar days from the day after delivery to the point.

  • You can find a list of our DHL eCommerce partner points at

  • It is a place located in the immediate vicinity of your place of residence (recipient's address). It can be your friend living in the same block (on another floor or in an adjacent stairwell) or a person living in an adjacent building / property, ie. Your neighbor.

  • No, the courier will always first try to deliver the parcel to you, and if you are absent, the courier will try to deliver to the "alternative address". In case the courier delivers the parcel to this address, you will receive an email/sms notification with the name of the person who received it and the time of delivery.

    If the alternate address is not in the immediate vicinity of your address, the courier will not attempt to deliver to that address. The shipment will then return to DHL eCommerce. You will receive information about the next delivery attempt on the visa, which the courier will leave you.

  • Web browsers that make you fully use the "Redirect Package" service are:

    • Internet Explorer version 9 and later,
    • Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Opera – current version and five retroactive versions (also applicable to mobile browsers).
  • + 48 42 6 345 345

    The hotline is open:
    Monday - Friday: 7.00 - 20.00
    Saturday: 7.00 - 15.00