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POPULAR and super-comfortable places where you can get or receive a shipment quickly and easily. In short, we call them DHL POP. Do you often order something online but don't want to wait for the courier? DHL Parcel ServicePoints are the perfect solution for you! Just POP to the nearest point or machine, even in the slippers :)


Ordering for DHL POP points and POP BOX PayPay

POP package awaits you up to 4 days.

You decide when you pick up your package. In the active machine 24/7 whether the evening or weekends are open.

With DHL Parcel ServicePoints, you can easily send a shipment or return the order to the sender.

In vending machines POP BOX and networks Frog, Inmedio and Daisy Express you can pick up your package for download.

Would you like to send in the machine?

Visit, create a package and leave it in the slot.

Thanks to delivery to DHL Parcel ServicePoints, the distance traveled by courier vehicles is reduced by as much as 2.5 times.

You can collect packages up to 25kg at DHL POP points and POP BOX machines.

Be ECO by delivering to DHL Parcel ServicePoints!

Tomorrow starts today and decisions now reflect on how we live and work in the future. That’s why we’re growing our “POP” network all the time. Why? Because delivery for POP points and machines is the ecological solution.

  • During delivery to POPs More packages are handled by couriers, rather than delivery to address, this translates into less miles and carbon reduction by more than 60%.
  • The handling of parcels at DHP POP points is carried out as part of the standard operation of the partner point, DHL POP does not use extra energy.
  • The DHL POP network already has 18,000 points. In cities, points and vending machines are found, within 10 minutes on foot which means that with POP you will also take care about your own carbon footprint!
  • AT DHL POP points such as Zabka, Inmedio, Lidl, Shell buy what you need when you pick up your parcel. Our partners include environmental and vegan products.                                             
  • For POP points and POP machines BOX  we are sending our eco-fleet of electricians to take care of the carbon footprint first for every package we deliver.


How to use DHL Parcel ServicePoints?


Select DHL Parcel ServicePoints

When you shop online, select DHL Parcel ServicePoints or redirect your package delivered by DHL in the store's basket.


Good news!

Please wait for SMS or email notification and POPup to DHL Parcel ServicePoint for pickup. Please provide a PIN from the notification.


Can't pick up your parcel right away?

Relax! You have 4 days to receive your package.


Can't pick up your parcel personally?

You may ask another person to collect your parcel. All you need to do is give her/him your PIN and consignment note number. Simply convenient.

LOOK at how we do this at DHL Parcel ServicePoints

DHL POP serves the most popular stores and brands online, among others:

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