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After completing purchases, customers of e-shops  often accompanied by uncertainty related to the delivery of the consignment. In order to dispel doubts about the status of delivery, DHL Parcel gives you the opportunity to track your shipment on the track shipment. In addition, we send you e-mail/sms notifications in which we inform the recipient about the scheduled delivery time. Notifications are free in DHL and knowing your shipping status at every stage of your delivery is priceless! Redirect Package it is a convenient service, enabling recipients of shipments to change the date or place of delivery of the package after it has been shipped, without having to contact the sender. You may be redirected to an alternate address, such as a neighbor or collection point. We are expanding the DHL eCommerce ServicePoints network, as well as the range of services offered.

Tracking a Shipment

Find out where your shipment is!

Redirect your shipment

Change the delivery date or address of your package. Please provide an alternate address or redirect your shipment to one of 15,000 DHL POP Package Service Outlets.


Pick up and ship packages 24/7 at our convenient DHL BOX 24/7 parcel machines.

Service to a neighbor

Provide an alternate address to speed up delivery.

Pick up your shipment at a DHL eCommerce partner

Don’t wait for your driver, pick up your shipment at 15,000 DHL POP Package Service Outlets!