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Current as of: 20.08.2022

As many as 77% of Internet users have made online purchases at least once, according to the "E-commerce in Poland 2021" report prepared by Gemius. The popularity of e-commerce means that more and more players are entering the market. To be able to win the trust of the customer and encourage them to use the company's services, e-commerce companies must ensure the highest quality of service. Particularly important in this regard is to ensure that consumers are delivered through reliable carriers.

What to pay attention to when choosing courier services for online stores?

Shipments for individual customers - what is worth knowing?

Shopping without leaving home is becoming more convenient, faster and cheaper. Thanks to the development of logistics and the infrastructure of courier companies, consumers no longer need to use the postal service to save money on the delivery of goods - there are carriers on the market that offer to deliver packages in a much faster time. Delivery through them is chosen by the majority of online shoppers, so ensuring access to their services is crucial for stores operating online.

Working with a top carrier such as DHL eCommerce is more than just delivering at an attractive price – a well-known, reliable brand inspires customer confidence and encourages you to shop.

Courier does not have to  mean giving up convenience and quality service. Modern courier companies are eager to partner with e-commerce companies, offering a lower price for a single shipment, as well as a number of conveniences for online store owners. Among these, for example, is the integration of the carrier's system with the store's website, which makes it even faster to generate waybills, order a courier and manage available products and additional services.

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Courier for online stores - what to pay attention to?

When planning courier services for an online store, it is important to consider the conditions that will be required to transport the items in the assortment. If the goods offered in your store have a large surface area and weight or irregular shapes, make sure that the carrier will be able to deliver them to customers. Pay attention to the maximum parameters of the shipment (including the maximum allowable weight of the package). By doing so, you will also be able to get a clear delivery price list for your products and avoid the risk of a surcharge for oversizing.

If you are going to offer your products to customers abroad as well, make sure to ship international parcels via a particular carrier. You can also check if there are outlets or partner points of a particular company in your area - using their services will speed up the process of sending orders and increase customer satisfaction with the quality of service.

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Customer amenities - additional services and available delivery methods

Customers of online stores appreciate convenient solutions and are eager to take advantage of offers from those carriers that give them the opportunity to influence the delivery process. So it's worth not just going by price, but checking carefully what a particular carrier can offer.

Of particular importance are such facilities as:

  • free tracking of shipments (for example, via a website or mobile app),
  • the possibility of redirecting the package,
  • and its basic insurance.

If you want to create a convenient shopping experience for the busiest consumers, pay attention to the presence of an option to deliver the package to the recipient outside the standard working hours of couriers. This could include, for example, weekend delivery, late night delivery, or the ability to notify before delivery.

Tailoring an online store's courier services to meet the needs of a wide variety of consumers can help increase the number of people interested in buying a particular item right there. 

So it's worth making sure that the carrier you're partnering with offers more than one form of delivery. Particularly noteworthy, therefore, will be those courier companies that will deliver the package to the customer's home or workplace, offer to leave it at a neighbor's house, and allow the parcel to be picked up at a partner point or vending machine.

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