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Learn how to ship domestically and internationally, available to Individual Customers on DHL eCommerce.

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FAQs for shipping packages

    • With a bill of lading, we know where your shipments are going to go, what services you need and how you'll pay.
    • Waybill determines the conditions of carriage that we offer.
    • The Waybill is not proof of postage. It contains a unique number, thanks to which you can check the route of the shipment on our website.
  • The volumetric weight of the shipment reflects the volume of the shipment. A lightweight, large shipment can take up more cargo space than a heavy, small package. We calculate the volumetric weight and compare it with the actual weight of the shipment. Transport costs are calculated on the basis of a higher weight.

  • At DHL, we want to use the cargo space of our cars efficiently in order to be able to offer you better prices for our services. That's why we've introduced a volumetric weight converter.
    Volumetric weight calculation formula: length x width x height (in cm) divided by 4000. We get the result in kg. We compare the result obtained with the actual weight of the shipment and take a higher weight for the valuation. We also encourage our customers to pack goods more economically. This will reduce the size of the shipment and therefore the cost of transporting it.

  • We recommend that you pack shipments weighing up to 31.5 kg  in a cardboard box of regular shapes, filled inside with bubble wrap, polystyrene or other filler.
    Shipments sent on the pallet should be securely attached and protected against sliding during transport.

  • Given the capacity and size of our cars, the maximum dimensions are:

    • for consignments up to 31,5 kg, the sum of the dimensions (length+width+height) must not exceed 300 cm, the longest side not exceeding 200 cm
    • for consignments over 31,5 kg, the sum of the dimensions (length+width+height) must not exceed 600 cm, the longest side not exceeding 400 cm
    • for consignments where one of the sides of the base exceeds 200 cm and is shorter than 400 cm, the weight must not exceed 50 kg

    Please note that shipments over 50 kg must be carried on a pallet.

  • Shipments weighing up to 31.5 kg are delivered on the next business day as standard.
    Shipments over 31.5 kg. within 2 working days.

  • If the above situation occurs and the shipment is not delivered due to DHL, report it to DHL eCommerce Customer Service.
    Take advantage of the contact form DHL24.

  • In the above situation, use the contact form DHL24.

    In response to your request, our courier will come to you to write down the damage report.

  • Report the damage to the shipment within 7 calendar days from the date of delivery of the shipment by contact form DHL24.

  • Information about the shipping insurance fee is available in the current price list, available available on the downloadable documents page.

  • Compensation corresponds to the amount of actual damage to the insured shipment suffered by the victim.

  • The main provisions of the insurance contract concluded DHL Parcel Poland Sp. z o.o. and the Insurer are made available on request.  It is a contract for a third party - the owner of the shipment or a person at risk of transport - entitled to compensation. This is protection on an ALL RISK basis.

  • Shipments containing items excluded from transport in the Regulations for the provision of domestic transport and postal services DHL Parcel Polska Sp. z o.o. are not covered by insurance.

  • DHL does not insure envelope shipments with documents.

  • Insurance cover lasts at all times when the shipment is in DHL custody regardless of how many stages of transport the shipment goes through.

  • The download refund service guarantees a refund to the payer's account for the shipment within 5 business days.

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