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Current as of: 04.01.2023

Today, we are increasingly turning to cashless payments. The speed and ease of making them has made them one of the most common forms of paying for goods among most consumers. What exactly are cashless payments and how important is it to make such payment methods available to shoppers for delivery of shipments?

Features of cashless payments

Cashless payments have been with us for years, but this form of payment has become more widespread especially in recent years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to being contactless, transferring money in this way has a great many other advantages. However, what does it consist of? There are different types of cashless transactions. Among the most popular is, first of all, payment of the amount due by payment card. Using it allows you to make high-speed contactless payments, or those where you need to enter a PIN.

Recently, mobile payments have become increasingly popular. They use mobile devices, such as smartphones and smartwatches, equipped with the appropriate module and software to place a payment order. One of the favorite payment methods of online shoppers is also the BLIK system, which involves approving transactions using a six-digit code. Mobile cashless payments make it even more convenient to make a purchase without having to carry an additional payment instrument (for example, payment cards) - financial settlements can be made using electronic devices that most people have at hand every day.

Is cashless payment at the courier relevant?

Cash transactions, while still common in stationary stores, are much less common for online shopping. After all, not all online stores provide their customers with the option to pick up in person and pay at the trader's premises. Consumers who choose to shop at an e-store usually also prefer to pay for their purchases with the help of a fast cashless payment system, such as a debit card or BLIK.

Some online stores allow their customers to choose cash on delivery as a form of delivery. In this case, payment is collected from the buyer when the order is delivered to him. If the courier is equipped with a payment terminal, payment can be made both with cash and with a cashless payment instrument. Such an option is a great convenience for customers. It allows them to use their favorite payment instrument without unnecessary visits to an ATM or bank branch.

So, when looking for courier services for your online store, you should definitely pay attention to information about the payment services offered for cash on delivery and personal pickup at the carrier. DHL eCommerce drivers with payment terminals allow customers to make payments with ease and convenience without cash. Freedom of choice in terms of the form of payment definitely has a positive impact on the perception of the quality of services of entrepreneurs by their customers.

Paying for a package without using cash - standard or added convenience?

According to the "E-commerce in Poland 2022" report compiled by Gemius, 41% of respondents opted for cash on delivery when making online purchases at least once. This is one of the more frequently chosen options - only quick transfers through a payment service (70% of respondents), mobile payments (48%) and traditional transfer to a bank account (42%) are more popular. 41% of respondents said they would use cash payment when collecting the shipment in person from the courier. Slightly fewer, 24% of ordering parties, used payment cards in this case. These figures show that both of these payment instruments have quite a large number of users and should be taken into account when selecting methods for paying for an order in an online store.