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At DHL, we understand that the B2B industry is different. That’s why we created Parcel Connect Plus. This service is designed to handle cross-border B2B e-commerce shipments across Europe. It combines our global experience with local expertise of the best national networks. The result is the easiest and most flexible B2B shipping tool available.

Discover Parcel Connect Plus

All European markets with one label

You do not need to use multiple vendors with different systems with Parcel Connect Plus. Instead, you get maximum simplicity: one label for all borders and delivery to all companies in most countries in Europe. And one DHL representative who will do the hard work for you, safely managing your product in our network.

The weights and volumes you need

If you are shipping to business partners, you need more flexibility in weight and dimensions. That’s why Parcel Connect Plus can ship up to 15 packages – up to 31.5 kg or a pallet with packages ranging from 31.5 kg to 1000 kg, up to a maximum weight of 2500 kg – per shipment.

Multi-package option

With Connect Plus, you can ship more than 2 packages to a single recipient. Everyone will have their own shipping data, and with visibility from drop-off to delivery, you'll never lose sight of any of them.

More than one delivery

Our B2B deliveries are always made during business hours. Still, sometimes the customer may be absent – we try again. Upon successful delivery of your package, you will receive a confirmation of receipt by the recipient's signature.

Tailored to the needs of B2B customers

Parcel Connect Plus is designed to solve the biggest problems in B2B cross-border shipments. However, if your operations are larger and more complex, we will design a custom solution and help you implement and test them.

We offer on-demand services, including limited-volume shipping of dangerous goods, shipping of lithium batteries and non-standard package shipments, and direct shot-in to your destination country.

Our representative will help you find the best solution for your needs – B2B excellent customer service is an integral part of our services!

Should we call you?

Request a call with our B2B e-commerce experts about using Parcel Connect Plus in your operations. No commitments, see how we can help you save time, hassle and costs!