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Current as of: 1.06.2022

Customer care is one of the most important conditions for the success of a small business in the market. Consumer satisfaction helps a brand build a positive image, and translates into better sales results. However, it's worth remembering that a good assortment is not enough to win customers' affection and convince them to buy again. An important factor is the quality of the courier service. Why is it so important? How to choose a courier company for a small business?

Small business sector and its market situation

Smaller companies are an important segment of the national economy. In order to better understand the needs of the less extensive companies, it is useful to know the challenges they face in the market every day. To begin with, however, let's try to define a small business. According to the European Union law in force in Poland since 2004, the legislation specifies three types of entities - micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The criteria for determining whether an economic activity falls into one of the categories include average annual employment and annual net turnover from sales of goods and financial operations. A small company is one in which in at least one of the last two fiscal years the annual net turnover from operations did not exceed the equivalent of €10 million in Polish zlotys, and the number of full-time employees was less than 50. In the case of medium-sized enterprises, the values are five times higher, while in the case of micro-entrepreneurs they are five times lower.

Running a business and being self-employed is a challenge that is definitely not easy to handle. For small entrepreneurs with often small budgets, cost optimization is of great importance. With business comes the need to pay income tax, Social Security contributions and other deductible expenses, which for smaller companies can be quite a burden. Taking care of the high standard of every element of the business on one's own in a situation with a severely limited budget is often very difficult, which is why many small entrepreneurs choose to outsource particular tasks (such as accounting or logistics) to other specialized entities. For some challenges, such as delivering goods to customers, teaming up with an experienced partner is even essential.

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How can a courier company help an entrepreneur grow his business?

Thriving courier services have accustomed Poles to fast and timely delivery of shipments. However, they would not be possible without the extensive infrastructure and refined logistics processes that courier industry leaders such as DHL boast. Using a top brand in this area is also a guarantee of top-quality customer service. The ordering party gets access to the shipment monitoring system and a variety of shipment management methods, so it can modify delivery parameters at any time. The courier company relieves the burden on the entrepreneur and allows him to devote more time to the business itself without worrying about the quality of the order delivery service.

Modern carriers do not shy away from innovation. They are constantly observing the market, monitoring dynamically changing trends and introducing solutions to their  offerings that meet the needs of today's entrepreneurs. With the ability to automate shipment activities, small business entities do not need to include this task in the duties of their employees, saving time and money. Based on a contract with a carrier, an entrepreneur can gain not only attractive terms, but also significantly lower prices for a single shipment.

Courier for small businesses. How to choose a good deal?

In order for a small business to provide top-notch services to its customers, it must take care to select experienced logistics partners, especially for courier fulfillment. The primary criterion for determining the choice of a particular carrier should be the compatibility of its offerings with business needs. After all, what will benefit local family businesses that only occasionally send parcels will not necessarily be an interesting proposition for a business based entirely on mail order to various corners of the country.

People are eager to use well-known brands - they inspire trust and boast many positive customer reviews. Taking up a partnership with a reputable carrier such as DHL eCommerce is therefore an opportunity to increase sales. Consumers are also increasingly willing to choose the services of such a courier company, which provides them with greater flexibility in terms of receiving options. So it is worth finding out whether a particular entity offers delivery not only to the addressee's home, but also, for example, to one of the parcel points, a vending machine or to a neighbor. To make the delivery process as convenient as possible for the customer, it is a good idea to choose carriers that allow the shipment to be held for a longer period of time while waiting to be picked up. In the case of the eCommerce Service network, the period is as long as 4 calendar days.

If an entrepreneur is doing business electronically, selling products in his own online store, he should pay attention to whether a particular courier company offers dedicated e-commerce solutions. DHL eCommerce offers a range of services for operators in this industry, among them a practical order processing system and its integration with the store platform.