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Customer Service - How it helps you build your business?


Current as of: 04.01.2023

Prices and the quality of the products and services offered are very important to the success of a business, but they may not be enough to make it truly successful in the market. It is no less important that customer service is of the highest possible level in a given company. Why should so much attention be paid to this aspect of the business? What is most important in effective customer service?

What does a customer service employee do?

The topic of establishing and developing relationships in business is extremely complex, and working with clients requires both knowledge of the company's processes and well-developed soft skills. A customer service specialist is a person who is able to listen to the consumer, understand his needs and select the best possible solution to a problem. Conversations via phone, social media, email or face-to-face contact with consumers should not cause problems for such an employee. At the same time, he must be very familiar with the details of the company's offerings and range of services. If the department deals with foreign customers, the specialist should communicate fluently in English or the language of the country where the company provides services.

The duties of employees in the customer service office may include, for example, contacting a potential buyer to send the company's offer, answering customers' questions about the purchasing process or keeping them updated on the progress of the order. Such a unit may also engage in consumer acquisition. Her work may then involve, for example, representing the brand at various events to connect with customers or actively working with the marketing department to promote the company's services.

How does the customer service desk help nurture brand growth?

Building a brand image is not a process that can be done in a few days. How customers perceive a company's goods or services is shaped by the company's overall reputation in the market, the opinions of their relatives and friends, but most importantly by personal experience. Eager to help and communicative employees are more likely not only to encourage consumers to buy, but also to create strong, long-term relationships with them. It is important to remember that customer service specialists cannot afford to lack commitment even to non-core transactions - any negligence in this matter can reflect on the brand image.

With the right selection of candidates during the recruitment process, the customer service department can gain professional employees who will be a kind of showcase for the brand. People who are very familiar with the company's particular industry and products and who are committed to their work will make the company a professional partner worth trusting in the eyes of customers.

How can you improve the performance of your customer service department?

In the customer service department, you need to constantly keep your finger on the pulse and keep track of the changing expectations of consumers in order to respond even better to their specific needs. It is also important to ensure that the efficiency of the unit's work is constantly improved and that the unit's information flows smoothly. Interdepartmental communication in customer service should be particularly refined. The entity responsible for consumer relations should have easy access to all the necessary data about consumers, so that providing assistance or answering customer questions will be much faster and easier. This information will also help to better match problem-solving methods to the capabilities and expectations of a given buyer.

For online stores and other mail-order businesses, logistical customer service is of great importance. Its processes include completing orders, preparing and sending shipments or handling financial transactions, among others. To simplify this aspect of customer service work, it is worth taking advantage of the technological solutions provided by modern courier companies such as DHL eCommerce. By establishing a contract, the trader can not only provide buyers with a full package of courier services, but also gain access to the DHL24 application, which will automate the processes of sending and managing parcels.