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Returns - DHL Parcel Poland


A convenient returns system is an integral part of doing business these days, especially in the e-commerce industry. Consumers value speed and a minimum of paperwork, see how DHL eCommerce's offer meets these expectations.

Returns without label

Now your customers will find it even easier to return packages in POP and POP BOX! Find out how to provide customers with a label-free return option.

Parcel Return Poland

Click and see how you can provide your customers with the opportunity to conveniently return goods.

Dedicated B2B services

Do you send parcels whose receipt requires the return of certified documents? You will also find these and other useful solutions for B2B in our range. Click and check out the details.

Return without label from the consumer side

See how easily and quickly your customer will complete a return to a POP BOX or POP.

E-commerce trends 2023

How do we meet the growing expectations of customers regarding returns? You can find out in DHL's latest report on e-commerce customer behaviour.

Take a look at the blog

For more hints for entrepreneurs on returns and more, see our blog.