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Current as of: 1.06.2022

Before your package arrives at the designated address, the shipment may pass through various modes of transportation and sorting facilities. The greater the distance between the sender and the recipient, the more stages the package transports. Along with these, there is a potential risk of damage to the package - especially if you have secured it insufficiently. Here are useful tips on how to properly pack shipments to ensure maximum security of their contents. We also encourage you to additionally insure your valuable packages with DHL.

What bad things can happen to your shipment and how can you reduce these risks?

  1. An improperly packed shipment risks damaging the contents during transport. For example, it may be crushed by another heavy package, or its loosely packed contents may be damaged by shock..
  2. Poor package packaging of the package may tear during transport, and its contents may be lost.
  3. Due to difficult transportation of a poorly packed package, delivery may be delayed or additional delivery charges will be applied.
  4. Too high or too low a temperature can damage a shipment, such as electronics. Fortunately, at DHL POP, the package is constantly at room temperature,which is an advantage over parcel machines.
  5. It is worth remembering that there is always a risk of an unfortunate accident during the transportation of a package, such as a traffic collision involving a delivery truck.

What do you need to pack your shipment securely? Necessary materials

While you can send documents packed only in an envelope, we recommend packing other items in size- and thickness-matched cardboard boxes. In addition to cardboard, you will also find it useful:

  • Filling the package: bubble wrap, cardboard, wood wool, starch foams or crumpled newspapers will protect the contents from shocks.
  • Stretch film: will protect the carton from moisture and further stiffen it.
  • Adhesive tape: will allow you to seal cardboard and stretch. Transparent tape can also be used for you to stick a shipping label.

Rules for safe packaging of DHL PaczKING parcels

There are different ways for secure packaging of shipments, which are used, for example, by online stores. You, too, can use them to increase the safety of your package during transport:

  • Use sturdy, rigid cardboard.
  • The cardboard box should not be too large, but must leave some space for filling.
  • Ensure that the contents are centrally placed in the package.
  • Fill in the empty spaces.
  • Use reinforced, wide packing tape.

It is worth bearing in mind that the longer the transport, the higher the risk of damage to the package. For this reason, international shipments require careful packaging.

How to pack shipments of unusual shape?

Shipments of non-standard shape are best packaged in cuboid cartonsin which free spaces are filled. However, this is not always possible, especially for large shipments. That's why DHL PaczKING also undertakes transport of non-standard shipments, i.e. those whose dimensions exceed 120 x 60 x 60 cm. They can have an irregular shape, such as a tube or triangle. Then you need to pay for an additional service to ensure the safe delivery of such a package.

As non-standard parcels we also consider shipments in loose packaging, containing glass, fragile objects or liquid substances. Then they are given additional special labels: attention glass, up/down or caution.

Shipment insurance on DHL PaczKING - why should you use it?

If your package is damaged in transit, you can count on the financial compensation, that shipping insurance guarantees. Through DHL PaczKING you can send a package worth up to 6500 PLNwithout a contract, because this is the maximum guaranteed value of insurance for domestic shipments. For international shipments, the insurance is 500 EUR. Both insurances are included in the standard shipping cost. If you plan to send a more expensive shipment, you can buy additional insurance up to PLN 50,000.

Now that you know how to properly secure your package for transport, you can take advantage of the discount code prepared for you for shipping through

The code CON22B10  is valid31.12.2022 when making an online payment. With PaczKING you will send your parcel safely and without a contract - both domestically and to Europe! You don't even need to print labels. This applies to both small packages and large pallets.