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Current as of: 05.10.2022

Courier services are vital to the national economy - they enable the smooth flow of all kinds of goods, from documents to store supplies. Today, almost every industry is using them. How do you make sure that the services a courier company provides are of a high standard and meet the needs of the business?

Is it worth it to undertake permanent cooperation with a courier company?

Thanks to the intensive work of courier companies on every detail of the process of transporting shipments, their customers can now enjoy a very high standard of these services. Modern carriers are proving that extremely short delivery times, safety of goods in transit and favorable pricing can go hand in hand. It is worth using their services regardless of whether you send hundreds of parcels a month or send some only occasionally - couriers dedicate their offer to different types of customers, so almost everyone can get attractive terms of cooperation. Preferential pricing is also an opportunity to reduce the cost of order delivery for the entrepreneur's customers, which is the most encouraging thing for them to buy.

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Cooperation with a courier company will allow businesses to flourish, especially those that conduct online sales in their own e-store. The most well-known carriers, such as DHL eCommerce, are not limited to standard shipping in their services. They actively provide a variety of e-commerce solutions, including those to significantly simplify the management of orders in an online store and automate some of the related processes.

What to pay attention to when planning cooperation with courier companies?

Thanks to the modern infrastructure of top carriers, a great many types of goods can be shipped through them. However, when planning to establish a relationship with a courier company, first of all, you should make sure that a certain type of goods can definitely be transported as a shipment, and that it falls within the dimensional and weight limits imposed by the rules and regulations of the service in question. Przy wyborze kuriera warto też zwrócić uwagę na możliwość uzyskania niższej ceny za pojedynczą przesyłkę oraz deklarowane tempo dostarczenia – zarówno cena dostawy, jak i szybkość otrzymania zamówionego towaru mają duży wpływ na zadowolenie klienta z zakupu.

Customers are most likely to use companies they know well, whether from their own experience or from referrals from relatives and friends. Advertising also plays a major role in shaping consumer tastes. Recognizable brands are considered proven and ones that can be trusted. The courier with whom cooperation will be established should therefore be a popular company, preferably with a long tradition of activity on the Polish market. A widely known carrier will not cause concern to customers and they are more likely to decide to place an order.

Courier companies and their offer of additional services - what should be included?

Courier companies are well aware of the importance of making their services flexible and offering customers a wide range of options for managing their shipments. So when planning to work with one of the couriers, pay attention to the package of additional services they offer. What usually goes into its composition? First of all, a shipment tracking system that allows customers to keep track of the shipment's location and receive notifications about the next steps in its journey. It's worth checking whether carriers also offer free parcel redirection and guarantee basic parcel insurance in the price of the service.

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It's not uncommon for customers to have non-standard needs that are worth taking care of - this way you can expand your buyer base. People who are interested in buying, and are busy, do not always have the opportunity to wait for the courier to arrive. So, when considering cooperation with a particular courier company, it is worth making sure that the package transported through it can be delivered in multiple ways. In addition to the standard delivery to a home address, it is also useful to be able to leave it at a neighbor's house, an establishment (such as a partner point) or a parcel machine.