Improve customer relationship with customised logistics by MyDHL+
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Regardless of the sector a business is in, and whether products are being sold locally or internationally, investing in the proper shipping solutions is a must to maintain customer relationship and satisfaction. And in a digital age of ever-changing customer preferences, desires and needs, hiccups in providing reliable deliveries are bound to eat into retailers’ revenue due to shoppers jumping ship. As a matter of fact, a survey conducted by McKinsey & Company found that 16% of Indonesian consumers switched brands due to better shipping and delivery costs. This is further backed up by the 25% of respondents that tested the waters with new retailers because of the same reason. 

With much of a business’s revenue relying on reliable and affordable delivery, partnering with the right third-party logistics provider is crucial. This is where MyDHL+, an innovative online solution designed to address a range of shipping needs, comes into the picture.

A one-stop shipping management platform, MyDHL+ boasts powerful features that businesses of all sizes can leverage to establish a strong customer relationship and maintain credibility in the long run. Offering access to a variety of tailored business solutions such as customised and automated logistics management, you can now easily cater to today’s consumer demands and give them the streamlined and affordable shipping experience they crave.

Here is a guide on the services and solutions businesses can access with MyDHL+ to establish a strong customer relationship and make your mark in the industry by providing exemplary services.

1. Track and monitor

There is no denying that today’s supply chain management and logistics are extremely complex. As a result, it is only natural for there to be an increased demand for real-time visibility and constant monitoring access to shipment chains. The insight provided by good-centric tracking and tracing allows supply chain managers to know more about a shipment’s location, estimated time of arrival, and disruptions. This will in turn, allow businesses to find ways to reinforce trust amongst customers. 

With MyDHL+, navigating the complexities of internal shipping will be eased with the full visibility of the shipment status it offers. Whether a large or one-off shipment is in transit, pending, delivered, or even held up at customs, every detail about the whereabouts of a package can be accessed through a personal dashboard. 

Tailoring and personalising sending shipment status updates is also made more efficient through MyDHL+. With our robust monitoring and notification capabilities, you can decide when and who gets updates via text and email. With such track and trace features, you can establish a strong post-purchase strategy for your customers, effectively identify bottlenecks in the supply chain, and improve inventory management.

2. Customise contact preferences

Back when the concept of doorstep delivery was first introduced, wrong or unfulfilled orders might have been a nightmare, but the convenience brought forth by the revolution of the entire logistics and supply chain model overshadowed the mishaps. However, as seamless delivery systems and options like one-day global shipping were implemented with time, delayed or incorrect shipment is almost inconceivable to the modern-day consumer. 

To help eliminate this problem, MyDHL+ has a customisable Contacts and Address Book as one of its most valuable functions. More than just a mere list of names and addresses, MyDHL+ supports the creation and maintenance of contacts, as well as the setting up of customised contact preferences and defaults. This way, streamlining and tailoring selections when creating shipments will be possible.

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Moreover, if the same things are being shipped routinely, Past or Favourites shipment details can be leveraged to quickly create new shipments, saving you time. Through customised, reusable templates and lists and address automated suggestions, you can control your time, and as a result, control your profits.

3. Create customs invoices

Once your shipment is prepared with the appropriate packaging materials and picked up by couriers from DHL Express, the next step is to clear customs. Regardless of whether you are making a one-off shipment, it is not unusual for businesses to experience delays in customs clearance due to issues such as incorrectly classifying a product or paying insufficient taxes. 

To mitigate such risks and associated costs, MyDHL+ can take the guesswork out of these shipping steps. Understanding that shipment information plays an important role in quick customs clearance, MyDHL+ can create customs invoices, alongside complete and accurate item descriptions. From getting a transportation rate quote and duty and tax estimates for a nation you are exporting to getting the correct Commodity Tariff Codes, MyDHL+ offers a range of options to streamline the steps when shipping several times or even when creating multiple shipments at once. 

4. Various user types

With MyDHL+, you do not have to be a shipping expert. Designed with our clients in mind, the platform will benefit anyone and everyone from small, medium or large businesses and high-volume shippers to individuals looking for one-off delivery of personal goods and even e-commerce merchants. Highly flexible and adaptable to a range of shipping needs, there are two core usage options to consider: 

Guest users

Guest users can create shipments, track, get quotes and schedule pick-ups without creating a login to the service. The ideal option for one-off shipments or non-business users, all that is required is for the shipment details to be filled and the final cost of the shipment to be paid with a credit card, before your package is shipped to its destination. 

Registered users

Registered users can access many time-saving features and functions with a DHL Express account created with just an email and password. Offering a customised logistics experience with a robust selection of online tools at your fingertips, you will be able to track and monitor shipments, recall contact information and addresses, access customs information for better accuracy, and review past orders. Ideal for businesses that frequently send packages overseas, having a strong shipping solution is just one account away.  

Corporate users

Lastly, the corporate account is ideal for organisations that want centralised management, visibility of their employees' shipping actions, and get cheaper shipping rates than the published tariff rate cards, and more. By opening a DHL account, companies can also gain efficiencies through methods such as allowing you to administer comprehensive control and manage degrees of access across many users. You will also be able to access business features like DHL commercial invoices as well as revoke and assign admin rights.

Fast, affordable and reliable wins the race

MyDHL+ reimagines the way third-party logistics providers do business by combining a range of tools and services that our customers use and need the most. With a DHL Express account, you can import, export, schedule a pickup, and track and monitor shipments more efficiently and quickly — all in a one-stop shipping platform, with one password.

Open a DHL Express business account today and see what we can do for you.