Why offering shipment tracking for your e-commerce business increases customer satisfaction?

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The e-commerce scene of Indonesia continues to grow with more consumers than ever shopping online. The country is fast becoming one of the Southeast Asian leaders in terms of the number of online shoppers and revenue generated. According to reports, the number of e-commerce users in Indonesia is forecasted to grow to 221 million in 2025, an increase from 178.9 million in 2022. 

Some factors that have contributed towards the boom of e-commerce in Indonesia include: a burgeoning middle-class population with high internet and mobile accessibility, the emergence of COVID-19-related online trade, and e-commerce tech investment in Indonesia. As of November 2022, Tokopedia is the most clicked e-commerce site in Indonesia, with Shoppee and Lazada training behind, figures by Statista indicate.

With the pool of e-commerce business competitors growing as well, it is becoming increasingly important for businesses to find different ways to stand out and offer a positive user experience. One way that businesses can excel amidst intense competition is by offering shipment tracking services before and during delivery

Here’s why offering e-commerce tracking services can increase customer satisfaction: 

1. Professionalism

Offering tracking services for your customers’ shipments via a logistics company is a sign of professionalism and reliability for your business. When customers see that you are providing them with up-to-date information about their orders, they will feel that their purchase is being taken seriously and that you are trustworthy. Big brands like Nike as well as small-medium enterprises in Indonesia like Sociolla have implemented tracking services as part of their website, so customers are familiar that this is something they can expect from reputable companies.  

2. Positive user experience

Customers receive a much better user experience when they can track their orders since it reduces uncertainty about delivery times and allows them to plan accordingly. This enables less friction in the customer journey as customers no longer have to constantly contact your business or try to guess when their order will arrive; instead, they can check the tracking service right on your website or app whenever they want an update on the status of their shipment. You can also enhance the shopping experience by providing On Demand Delivery, where customers can choose how and when they want the parcel to arrive. Tracking the movements of their shipment based on their own requirements gives them greater control over the process. They can, for instance, ensure they are able to receive the parcel when it is delivered, pick it up along the way, and even plan gift-giving with loved ones just in time for festivities and celebrations.

3. Clients can better manage expectations

By offering tracking services, customers can better manage their expectations as far as when shipments will arrive. This increases their satisfaction since there are no surprises or delays that could potentially ruin the entire shopping experience. They will also appreciate having access to all of this information without having to contact customer service each time they need an update on the status of their order; everything will be right there at their fingertips!

Set yourself apart from the competition with shipment tracking service

Offering delivery tracking services is a great way for Indonesia's e-commerce businesses to keep customers satisfied while establishing a trusted and reliable brand identity for themselves. With tracking services, customers can tap into the latest information about their order delivery without added stress associated with uncertainty about logistics details — all they’ll need is their login details or shipment tracking ID. 

Customers can now align their order and delivery expectations, which in turn will leave them with a better customer experience and enhanced impression of your e-commerce business. With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why offering shipment tracking services should be a priority for any business looking to stay ahead in today’s competitive market.

DHL Express works with many e-commerce businesses in Indonesia to support their international shipping needs. As a leading logistics delivery company in Indonesia, we are fully equipped and committed to supporting this integral part of your business. Sign up for a DHL Express business account today to start offering shipment tracking services to your customers.