Riding the cross-border e-commerce wave

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Although e-commerce was already picking up around the world, the global pandemic accelerated the rate at which people shopped online. According to Shopify, the global e-commerce market was expected to reach US$5.7 trillion in total in 2022. That figure is expected to reach US$7.4 trillion by 2025, a 50% growth within the same period. From these numbers, we can see that International e-commerce sales have skyrocketed over the last two years and will continue to increase.

Even though cross-border e-commerce is gaining so much traction, it has its own challenges. For most businesses, the common problem is dealing with the complexity of the cross-border shipping process. Shipping parcels internationally for commercial purposes involves several procedures, including preparing the right documentation and ensuring parcels can successfully clear costumes. Read on to learn how DHL Express can help you gain an advantage over your competitors with comprehensive shipping solutions.

Advantages of cross-border e-commerce

Domestic e-commerce can sometimes be limiting for businesses, in terms of revenue and business scalability. Enterprises can consider foreign markets to expand their market share. There are several benefits that come with offering cross-border e-commerce, such as:

  • Opening new markets and having a wider audience, which translates to more revenue 
  • Having a diversified revenue source from different countries, instead of being impacted by seasonal demands of one particular country
  • Gaining brand recognition and awareness

However when starting to sell your products overseas, having a strong ecosystem is paramount to ensuring the whole process is smooth. From an optimised e-commerce store for conversion and offering cross-border payment services, to fulfilling the order using cross-border logistics, there are many moving parts involved in cross-border e-commerce. While most of these aspects are manageable, you might find that you might lack the expertise or experience to carry out cross-border shipments. That is why working with a reliable, cross-border logistics company is important. 

Benefits of working with reliable cross-border courier services

Coordinating the various components of e-commerce, such as marketing, inventory management, customer relations and supply chain management can be overwhelming, especially if you are doing everything by yourself. The cross-border shipping process can be complex based on the different shipping regulations of each country. Courier services are experts in this area and are able to assist you with all your customs clearance issues. 

Also, subcontracting most of these services to professionals and working with a reliable logistics company will help you focus efforts elsewhere and grow your cross-border e-commerce business. Not having to worry about deliveries helps you shift your attention to the core of your business. Other benefits of outsourcing courier services are cost-effectiveness, transferring risks, and access to the latest technologies.

How can DHL Express take your e-commerce business further?

1. Extensive global logistics network 

With a huge international delivery network spanning over 220 countries and territories, DHL Express helps e-commerce businesses connect with global customers efficiently. Our network comprises more than 280 specialised aircraft, state-of-the-art facilities and a committed team of customer service experts that work around the clock to assist with your cross-border e-commerce business growth. A robust and dedicated team of shipping agents worldwide remarkably reduces delivery time. DHL Express is one of the few cross-border delivery companies with global reach, with over 1,400 warehouses worldwide.

2. Dedicated and full support 

At DHL Express, visibility and transparency are at the core of our mandate. We provide both online and offline resources to help businesses be in control of their shipment. One of our resources is MyDHL+, a one-stop online shipping management platform that lets you manage your international deliveries with ease.

You will be able to:

  • Create invoices and print shipping labels
  • Organise pick-ups
  • Track packages in transit
  •  View the history of your shipments
  •  Personalise notifications

3. Reliable shipping services

To attain a global presence in international shipping requires a lot of credibility and reliability. A reliable shipping provider will help you position your e-commerce business and increase brand awareness. When customers see that your shipping is handled by a global courier company like DHL Express, it boosts their confidence and they are assured that their products will be adeptly handled and will arrive on time. 

4. Additional essential services

The pandemic caused the e-commerce industry to be more competitive. According to Research and Markets, the B2C e-commerce industry can expect growth, with the Gross Merchandise Value estimated to increase from US$31.7 billion in 2021 to US$67.3 billion by 2026. You can stand out amongst your competitors by offering your customers essential shipping services, such as Same-Day delivery or Urgent-Time Sensitive Delivery. By also offering Optional Services such as Saturday Pickup or Shipment insurance for valuable goods, you can further enhance the retail experience for customers. 

Enhance your cross-border e-commerce business with DHL Express 

DHL Express is the leader in global express delivery, supporting millions of e-commerce businesses with cross-border delivery fulfilment and supply chain solutions. Our world-class shipping solutions will add value to any of your local or cross-border e-commerce activities. Open a DHL Express account today and start growing your business internationally.