How to avoid cybercrime when shipping

3 Mins Read
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The digital age has created a world of convenience, allowing businesses to operate across borders with relative ease. But this expanded reach comes with its own set of risks – namely, cybercrime. As international shipping continues to grow in popularity among large and small companies, it is important for business owners everywhere to be aware of the potential vulnerabilities that come with sending products overseas.

As technology evolves, online businesses expose themselves to data breaches and website hacks, which may have catastrophic consequences. Data breaches can compromise sensitive data, leaving customers vulnerable and costing companies money to repair their damaged reputations. Similarly, website hacks can result in data theft or fraud, which could prove costly in fines or lawsuits. As such, taking precautions to protect your business against cybercrime in the e-commerce space is vital.

In this blog, we'll discuss how to protect your business from cybercriminal activity when shipping internationally. 

Methods to prevent cybercrime

As a modern business, you need to stay informed of the ever-evolving landscape of online security. Cybercrime is an increasingly common occurrence, and now more than ever, companies must take preventative measures to protect both their sensitive data and their customers. To ensure your business’s safety in an age where cyber dangers are multiplying by the day, here are some ways to avoid cybercrime:

1. Keep up to date with security patches

The threat of cybercrime looms large in our technologically-driven world, making it imperative that organisations stay vigilant in safeguarding their digital assets. One key method to prevent cybercrime is staying well-informed about security patches and ensuring timely updates for all your systems. Cybercriminals exploit vulnerabilities in outdated software to gain unauthorised access or cause irreparable damage. Security patches, released regularly by software developers, act as a first line of defence by fixing these vulnerabilities, thus thwarting cyber attacks. By staying updated with security patches, users can significantly enhance the safety of their systems, networks, and confidential information. Additionally, creating a culture of awareness within organisations fosters collective responsibility, making everyone an active participant in curbing cybercrime. In sum, proactively managing and deploying security patches strengthens digital defences and provides robust protection against potential cyber adversaries.

2. Have a readily available cyber security team

Having an available tech team is critical to ensuring your data and confidential information remain secure. This team should be knowledgeable in cybercrime and stay informed of emerging cyber threats as well as the methods used to avoid cybercrime. Furthermore,they should be experienced in understanding cyber security analytics and risk management systems. An important function of a cyber security team is to help businesses understand the cyber threats they may encounter and how best to prevent them by providing appropriate measures such as periodic reviews, assessments, monitoring and investing in cyber protection tools. As such, with an effective cyber security system combined with an adequately trained tech team, businesses can feel confident their data will remain safe from malicious attackers.

3. Work with a reliable logistics provider

Working with a reputable logistics provider such as DHL Express is a must to ensure that your company’s confidential data remains secure. MyDHL+, a service provided by DHL Express, is an online platform that adds an extra layer of protection and makes it easier for businesses to track shipments, schedule pickup times and monitor the progress of each delivery. As an additional security measure, MyDHL+ users can further protect their data by also activating DHL eSecure, an innovative solution that protects sensitive data exchanged through shipping services. DHL eSecure offers businesses peace of mind knowing their parcels are safe from cyber criminals, with extra encryption and advanced authentication methods layered into its decentralised delivery standard to provide stronger security and data protection. 

Open a DHL Express business account with us today to avoid being a victim of cybercrime.