How to ship fast with DHL Express delivery services

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In today's fast-paced and interconnected world, the demand for quick and reliable express delivery has never been greater. Whether you're a business owner looking to meet customer demands or an individual with time-sensitive shipments, you can't overstate the importance of fast shipping solutions. Express delivery is more than just speed; it's about meeting demands and winning trust. It plays a crucial role in global trade and individual transactions, meeting the modern era's need for immediate fulfilment.

This is where partnering with a reliable international door-to-door delivery service provider becomes paramount. The importance of aligning with a proven industry leader like DHL Express is beyond measure to meet these growing expectations.

Accelerating business success with DHL Express delivery

Express delivery has transitioned from being a luxury to an absolute necessity in the current e-commerce industry, impacting not only Cambodia but also the international market. Consumers are no longer willing to wait weeks, or even days, for their online purchases. They want them now and will gravitate toward the businesses that can deliver this way. Express shipping, when done right, provides a competitive edge. It improves customer satisfaction, leads to repeat purchases, and enhances business reputation. Now, the question is, how can you fulfil your customers' need for speed?

DHL Express has streamlined the delivery process to cater to these demands. With a global reach extending to over 220 countries and territories, we enable businesses to access international markets and expand their operations on a global scale. DHL Express’ extensive network and customs regulations expertise further facilitate a smooth international shipping process, positioning them as the ideal courier service for sending parcels from Cambodia to overseas.

How to prepare fast shipments with DHL Express

Navigating traditional shipping methods can often feel like a complex maze, filled with paperwork, tracking issues, and coordination headaches. But what if there was a way to bypass this tedious process? Whether you're an e-commerce business in need of shipping products from Cambodia to international markets or are from the pharmaceutical industry in need of shipping essential medical supplies, follow our shipping guide to help speed up the procedure:

1. Verify shipping restrictions

Before shipping with DHL Express, verify if your items fall under the prohibited or restricted category. Cambodia's International Trade Administration prohibits the commercial importation of products such as:

  • Narcotics
  • Psychotropic substances and their precursors
  • Toxic waste
  • Poisonous chemicals
  • Certain pesticides

As a next step, check in with the DHL Express Cambodia customer service team to ensure you comply with the regulations. This prevents complications and facilitates a smoother, more efficient shipping process, enabling faster delivery times.

2. Examine your package

Collect all the essential information about your shipment, including accurate dimensions, cost, weight, and special handling requirements. This detailed data forms the basis for booking your DHL Express shipment, ensuring accuracy and enabling you to plan efficiently for all aspects of the shipment process.

3. Prepare shipment labels and documents

When sending parcels abroad, specific transport labels and documentation must be completed before any item can be shipped. Utilise DHL Express' MyDHL+ service platform, designed to help simplify the labelling and documentation process by providing you with the following:

  • Shipment insurance (subject to additional charge)
  • Invoice and waybill templates
  • Bill of lading
  • Shipping labels
  • Correct HS codes for your item
  • Estimation of your shipments' duties and taxes

Do note that DHL Express does not fill out the documentation and labels on your behalf. Additionally, an invoice is not required when shipping documents with DHL Express. Simply print out the shipping label and attach it to your package. Verify all the provided details to prevent any complications with customs, ensuring a successful last mile delivery service, meaning it gets delivered to the recipient's doorstep without any issues. 

4. Pack and secure your item

As the sender, you are solely responsible for properly packaging and securing your item, guaranteeing its safe transit. DHL Express delivery allows you to choose and order suitable packaging supplies for your shipments. We offer boxes, flyers, and envelopes in various sizes to safely ship them to any international destination.

5. Confirm your shipment order

Review all the provided information, including the recipient's details, shipment specifications, and prepared documents. Once everything is confirmed to be accurate, proceed to book your shipment. Your order's shipping and last-mile delivery service cost will depend on the package's size, weight, destination, and the selected DHL Express service. To minimise international shipping costs, utilise bulk shipping for your items to avoid additional fees for multiple shipments and ensure proper packaging to reduce weight-related charges. Additionally, you can get discounts on all international shipments by creating a MyDHL+ account, completing your shipping order online, and paying with a credit card.

6. Request for pick-up or drop off your package

DHL Express allows you to schedule a collection of your package or drop it off at one of our nearest service points. This enables you to select the option that best suits your schedule and needs, offering a convenient delivery solution. Contact our customer service team at 180 020 83 83 or complete your request using MyDHL+.

7. Track your shipments

With DHL Express, you can easily monitor the status of your shipments. Our MyDHL+ platform offers real-time tracking, enabling you to follow your shipment's progress throughout the delivery. This feature keeps you updated and provides peace of mind, ensuring your package is safe en route to its destination.

Choose DHL express delivery services

DHL Express delivery solutions alleviate your worries about adhering to deadlines and preventing delays, ensuring your shipment’s timely and accurate arrival at its intended destination. Generally, international delivery services take two to 14 days. However, selecting a specific DHL express delivery service guarantees the fastest shipping time frame. 

Whether you choose our time-definite service for a particular delivery time window (e.g. 9:30am, 10:30am, 12:00pm, or end of the day) or our on-demand delivery service for the flexibility to choose any delivery schedule and destination, you can assure we get it right the first time. In the face of the most immediate requirements, the same-day delivery service steps up, ensuring a 24-hour turnaround for door-to-door delivery.

Ready for a faster shipping experience? Open a DHL Express business account today and handle all your local and international shipping needs with ease. Let's take this journey together, exceeding expectations, one express delivery at a time.