DHL Express pioneers sustainability with the SAF biofuel

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As global awareness and concern for environmental sustainability intensify, DHL Express responds with an innovative initiative: the GoGreen Plus Campaign. This groundbreaking campaign heralds a significant transformation in logistics, embracing Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) to revolutionise our operations. This strategic pivot from traditional shipping methods to green transportation showcases our commitment to reducing the industry's carbon footprint, propelling us toward a sustainable, carbon-neutral future. The GoGreen Plus Campaign reflects our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship, emphasising the pivotal role of sustainable biofuels in reshaping logistics for the betterment of our planet.

The environmental imperative

At the heart of the GoGreen Plus Campaign lies a critical response to the pressing environmental challenges that plague the logistics and transportation sector. The strategic embrace of SAF is not merely a choice but a necessity, driven by the urgent need to mitigate the ecological impact of our industry. This initiative focuses on:

  • Improving Air Quality: The adoption of SAF significantly reduces the emission of airborne pollutants, offering a cleaner alternative that benefits both human health and the environment.
  • Transitioning to Renewable Energy: By integrating SAF into our operations, we contribute to decreasing the logistics industry's dependence on fossil fuels, thereby supporting the global shift toward renewable energy sources and enhancing energy security.
  • Combating the Greenhouse Effect: SAF's role in substantially lowering carbon emissions is crucial in our fight against the greenhouse effect, directly addressing the factors contributing to global warming and climate change.

This decisive move towards SAF underscores our dedication to fostering a healthier environment and marks a pivotal step in creating a logistics model that balances efficiency with the well-being of our planet. As we dive deeper, we will uncover the specific advantages SAF offers, reinforcing its essential role in the pursuit of green logistics.

The benefits offered by SAF 

Building on the environmental imperative that underscores the critical shift towards more sustainable practices in logistics, our embrace of SAF emerges as a cornerstone of our commitment to green transportation. This commitment yields a broad spectrum of benefits, which are as follows:

  • Dramatic reduction in Carbon Emissions: SAF's utilisation leads to an up to 80% decrease in CO2 emissions throughout its lifecycle compared to traditional aviation fuels, marking a significant stride in our collective effort to combat climate change.
  • Sustainable and diverse sources: Derived from a variety of renewable feedstocks, including waste oils, greases, and agricultural residues, SAF ensures sustainable production without encroaching upon food supplies or necessitating additional land or water resources.
  • Promoting a circular carbon economy: The production of SAF embodies a circular economy approach, recycling carbon absorbed during biomass growth, in stark contrast to fossil fuels, which release carbon sequestered for millennia, exacerbating global CO2 levels.
  • Alignment with global sustainability ambitions: Embracing SAF aligns with the aviation industry's goal of achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2050, positioning DHL Express as a frontrunner in the sustainable future of logistics.

These benefits highlight SAF's crucial role in not only addressing environmental imperatives but also in offering a viable, impactful solution for the logistics sector.

Our commitment to environmental sustainability

Here at DHL Express, our GoGreen Plus Campaign represents just the tip of the iceberg in our comprehensive approach to environmental sustainability. Our dedication extends beyond the utilisation of SAF as a biofuel, permeating every aspect of our operations and corporate ethos. This deep-rooted commitment is evident in our ongoing efforts to innovate and implement practices that contribute to a healthier planet. From optimising our global logistics network for maximum efficiency to fostering a culture of environmental awareness among our employees, we are at the forefront of integrating sustainability into the core of our business strategy. Our green initiatives not only aim to minimise our environmental footprint, it also inspires a ripple effect, encouraging partners, suppliers, and competitors alike to elevate their sustainability practices. In doing so, we are not just transforming our operations; it is actively contributing to the global movement towards a more sustainable future, aligning our business objectives with the broader goal of preserving the planet for future generations.

How businesses can participate

The GoGreen Plus Campaign offers an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to join DHL Express in leading the charge towards a greener future. We understand the complexities and challenges international and local businesses face in integrating sustainable practices into their operations, which is why we've designed the campaign to be as accessible and impactful as possible. Through tailored support and guidance, we empower businesses of every size to make meaningful changes, whether it's through adopting SAF-enhanced shipping options or implementing other eco-friendly logistics solutions. The power of collective action cannot be overstated; when businesses come together under the GoGreen Plus Campaign, they not only contribute to reducing the logistics sector's carbon footprint but also set a powerful example of corporate responsibility and environmental stewardship. This collaborative effort is a testament to the strength of unity in addressing the importance of sustainability in the global supply chain.

A clarion call for a sustainable future

Now, more than ever, action is required to confront the pressing environmental challenges of our time. The GoGreen Plus Campaign is not just an initiative; it's a call to action for businesses and individuals alike to stand up for the planet. By embracing SAF and other sustainable practices, we all have the power to drive significant change and reduce our collective environmental impact. 

DHL Express is committed to leading this charge, but our strength lies in numbers. Joining the GoGreen Plus Campaign is more than a business decision — it's a pledge to future generations that we are dedicated to preserving the world we live in. Together, we can forge a path towards a sustainable, carbon-neutral future, demonstrating that through collaboration and commitment, achieving environmental sustainability is within our reach. 

Let this be the moment we decide to act, embracing our responsibility to the planet and each other and building a legacy of sustainability that will resonate for generations to come. To begin making a difference today, sign up for a business account and join the GoGreen Plus Campaign, setting your company on the path to sustainability.