Why do businesses in Cambodia need on-demand delivery

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In today's fast-paced world, e-commerce businesses are constantly seeking new ways to meet customer demands and stay competitive. Fast and convenient delivery options have become a significant part of this strategy. One such model gaining momentum is On-Demand Delivery (ODD). This guide explores the concept of On-Demand Delivery, its benefits, and how DHL Express's On-Demand Delivery service can enhance your business in Cambodia.

What is On-Demand Delivery?

On-Demand Delivery is a customer-centric approach that allows online shoppers to select when and where their orders are delivered. This flexibility puts the customer in control, offering options such as delivery to a parcel locker, an alternate address, or even a trusted neighbour. Powered by modern technology, On-Demand Delivery is agile and adaptable, evolving to meet increasing customer expectations.

What is the process of On-Demand Delivery?

Typically, an e-commerce customer places an order online and specifies their delivery preferences. This information is then transmitted to the retailer's courier partner for fulfilment. Customers can choose from a range of delivery options, ensuring maximum convenience and flexibility. Additionally, real-time notifications keep customers informed about their shipment's status, allowing them to track its location and make informed decisions.

Benefits of On-Demand Delivery for businesses in Cambodia

1. Competitive advantage

Offering diverse delivery options, including On-Demand Delivery, can set businesses in Cambodia apart. Research from nShift indicates that three in five consumers prefer retailers that provide a variety of delivery choices. They favour speed, convenience, flexibility, and transparency—all of which On-Demand Delivery encompasses.

2. Strengthened customer trust

On-Demand Delivery promotes transparency by providing customers with real-time shipment updates. This helps estimate delivery times accurately and notify customers of any delays, contributing to better customer satisfaction. The transparency from these updates builds trust in your brand, reassuring customers about their delivery. 

3. Lowers the risk of failed deliveries

Failed deliveries can be costly, as businesses must pay for re-delivery and storage costs. Automation plays a crucial role in On-Demand Delivery, enabling flexible shipping. DHL Express's ODD service helps reduce failed deliveries by enabling customers to redirect shipments to alternate addresses conveniently or choose alternatives like delivery to a parcel locker. Fewer failed deliveries also contribute to a reduced carbon footprint, supporting sustainability efforts.

5. Expands audience reach

On-Demand Delivery services typically extend internationally, benefiting Cambodian SMEs engaged in cross-border trade. For instance, DHL Express's ODD service is available for international shipments. Offering flexibility to global customers reduces failed deliveries, saving costs and ensuring a smooth customer experience.

6. Greater visibility into customer behaviour

On-Demand Delivery gathers valuable customer data, providing insights into behaviour patterns. This information aids local e-commerce businesses in predicting demand, optimising inventory levels, and refining fulfilment processes, leading to cost savings.

7. Increased cost savings

Automation and data-driven optimisation in On-Demand Delivery result in significant cost savings. Accurate demand forecasting leads to better inventory management, reducing warehouse storage costs.

Introducing DHL Express' On-Demand Delivery

DHL Express’ On-Demand Delivery, is an online portal designed to enhance flexibility without compromising safety and security. ODD offers six alternate delivery options tailored to your preferences:

DHL Express Service Point: Recipients can collect parcels at any of DHL’s Service Points.

Signature release: Allow DHL Express to deliver without a recipient's signature.

Schedule a new delivery date: Receivers can reschedule their delivery date and time up to seven days from the original date.

Leave package with a neighbour: Recipients can request delivery to a trusted neighbour.

Delivery to another address: Customers can request delivery to a different address on a specific date.

30-Day vacation hold: If the receiver is on vacation, they can request a new delivery date and time.

How does it work?

When the shipper includes the recipient's mobile number or email while generating the DHL air waybill (AWB), On-Demand Delivery will activate automatically to notify the recipient once the shipment is under our care. This notification includes the estimated delivery date along with a link to ODD, where you can effortlessly choose from the six alternative delivery options in case you won't be available to receive the shipment on the estimated delivery date.

Upon selecting an option, an immediate notification is dispatched to our operations team, who will then execute the necessary actions based on your request. For instance, if you opt for a vacation hold, the shipment will be securely placed in a temporary storage area within our facility until the date you specify.

Embrace the future of delivery with On-Demand Delivery

Incorporating On-Demand Delivery into your business strategy can revolutionise your customer experience. It provides flexibility, convenience, and transparency, aligning with evolving customer expectations. To fully leverage these advantages, consider opening a DHL Express business account. 

This partnership allows you to seamlessly integrate On-Demand Delivery, ensuring your business stays ahead in Cambodia's competitive e-commerce landscape. Embrace the future of delivery and elevate your customer service strategy with On-Demand Delivery by DHL Express Cambodia.