Outsourcing: An Effective Strategy for Business to Combat Labour Shortage

3 min read
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The pandemic has changed the way many industries operate and how people are approaching work which may pose challenges to businesses. As science and technology services are gradually closing the gap and stabilizing the economy, growing businesses are looking for new strategies to grow and succeed.

Outsourcing is one such approach that allows a business to overcome every obstacle and fine-tune its corporate strategy for long-term success. Moreover, it helps save a significant amount of money on overhead costs as well as counter labour shortages to improve company’s processes.

How does outsourcing help overcome labour shortages?

Today, outsourcing has become a standalone corporate strategy and has three key advantages that help overcome labour shortages.

1.  Firstly, outsourcing leads to cost-effectiveness. It allows you to reduce your overall labour expenditures. You can pay for the services as you go rather than making large upfront investments. Furthermore, it helps you gain expert support without needing to engage full-time professionals to improve the efficiency of your business.

2. Secondly, it aids in addressing the short and long-term demands of enterprises. For instance, when an unexpected demand for a long-term project arises that needs the participation of a large number of people, a company must have the bandwidth to meet the projects' requirements. This is when partnering with a professional outsourcing service provider helps overcome labour shortages.

3. Lastly, outsourcing allows organisations to access high-quality labour because these workers are all trained and carefully vetted.

So, how can you start outsourcing delivery?

Staffing and outsourcing is now a rising trend in the labour market. Therefore, to keep up with the rapidly changing world of work, it is important to learn how to start outsourcing delivery. Here is what you can do:

a) Leasing warehouse

This is a common technique among online merchants who are just getting started. Firstly, they rent storage spaces near densely populated regions. This allows them to deliver goods to customers faster and for less money than if they were delivered from the manufacturer's location.

If you choose to outsource to DHL Express, be assured of your goods reaching the customers at the promised date. Our Warehousing Solutions help businesses increase inventory efficiency and respond faster to changing consumer demands. We offer temperature-controlled facilities specially tailored to meet your business demands.

b) Using a drop shipping service

Dropshipping allows you to send orders and track inventory directly from the drop shipper in case you don't want to deal with the hassle that comes with renting warehouse spaces. When a customer purchases a product, the merchant purchases inventory from a drop shipping firm, which then ships the products straight to the buyer.

When you ship with DHL drop shipping service, you're partnering with a team of international shipping experts. We offer a comprehensive choice of express import and export services, as well as shipping and real-time tracking options to meet your specific requirements. We also allow customers to track their packages online.

c) Choosing a reliable 3PL

Essentially, hiring a 3PL means effectively paying another company to help optimise your supply chain. This could include everything from handling the full shipping process to warehousing, inventory control, and detailed reporting, among other things.

When you entrust your package to DHL Express, we make sure that your shipment travels smoothly within our network from start to finish. Not only is our shipment packaging guide easy to follow, our On-Demand Delivery also allows you to be more flexible with your shipments while maintaining their safety and security. Our transit times are designed to deliver parcels in the fastest manner possible; although there are circumstances when your package may require extra care, attention and time.

We want to reassure you that every shipment we handle is carefully managed and subjected to stringent standards to provide you with optimum logistical experience. We manage all transactions door-to-door at DHL Express, so you don't have to worry about your shipment’s delivery. Every day, we seek to steer in a clear direction by refining our methods bit by bit.