Are one-off international shipments best for you?

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If you operate a small business in Singapore, you’re probably familiar with some of the common challenges local small and medium enterprises (SMEs) face when handling shipping and logistics.

Many SME companies do not have the large volume of shipments needed to justify long-term contracts with major international shipping and courier delivery companies, resulting in having to find cheaper alternatives. Small business owners in Singapore also often struggle to run their business with limited resources, time, and manpower, making it difficult and tedious to research and negotiate ideal rates across multiple courier companies.

This leads to a lack of visibility into the various international shipping options available. This means businesses settle for suboptimal service and pricing that can translate into costly overheads.

A practical and useful alternative is one-off international shipments, which provide you with the flexibility and customisability needed to adjust shipping volume according to your operational needs.

But just what is one-off shipping, and how do you know if it suits your company best? Read on to find out more.

What is a one-off international shipment?

A one-off international shipment is a single delivery of goods to an international destination. It is a shipping solution ideal for small businesses and individuals in Singapore who do not have the volume or means to require regular international shipping services, while still needing to occasionally deliver their goods overseas.

What are the benefits of one-off international shipments?

One-off international shipments are a cost-effective solution for small-scale businesses in Singapore that require occasional delivery services. They offer SME companies flexibility, convenience, and the ability to send goods on demand, without being tied down to costly long-term contracts. One-off shipments also allow businesses to test new markets or customers without the need for a large investment in shipping infrastructure, offering business owners more legroom when assessing new opportunities to potentially grow or expand their overseas operations.

What types of goods are suitable for one-off shipments?

One-off shipments are suitable for a wide range of goods, from small parcels to larger packages. This can include consumer goods such as electronics and apparel, non-consumer goods such as construction equipment, or even personal effects and household goods. Many of these shipments are often urgent or time-sensitive situations, such as sending a sample product to a potential customer or fulfilling a last-minute order from an overseas client.

Certain shipping and delivery companies may have requirements or restrictions on the types of goods they accept for one-off shipments, so it’s important to thoroughly research the shipping terms provided before proceeding with a particular service.

What are some common reasons for using one-off shipments?

There are many reasons why companies may opt for one-off shipments.

For example, a business may have received an unexpected order from an overseas client, and needs to quickly send the product out to meet a tight deadline. Alternatively, a company may be testing out a new market and wants to send a small sample of their product to gauge interest before committing to larger operational moves.

One-off shipments can also benefit side businesses that are still growing, allowing companies to expand their operations at their own pace.

Regardless of the reason, using a reliable courier and delivery service for a one-off shipment can help businesses ensure that their goods arrive safely and on time while remaining cost-effective.

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What to consider when choosing a courier for one-off international shipments

When choosing a courier for a one-off international shipment, it is essential to consider the following factors:

  • Shipping rates: Look for a courier with competitive pricing and transparent fees.

  • Delivery time: Ensure that the courier can deliver your shipment within the required time frame.

  • Shipping options: Choose a courier that offers a range of shipping options to suit your needs, particularly if your goods are sensitive or have specific handling requirements (e.g. medicine or biomedical supplies).

  • Customs clearance: Check that the courier can handle customs clearance procedures for the destination country.

  • Insurance: Verify that the courier provides insurance coverage for your shipment to protect both you and your customer’s interests.

If you’re a Singaporean small business searching for a shipping and delivery company to handle one-off international shipments, DHL Express is the ideal courier for you. Our extensive global network, fast delivery times, and competitive pricing make us a suitable option for small businesses that want to keep costs lean while still engaging a reliable and secure international courier service.

Singapore-registered businesses with international shipments can receive up to 60% off on shipping to further save on overheads. Apply for a business account with DHL Express today to find out how.

Our range of time-definite shipping options are also customisable to suit every budget and delivery requirement. Furthermore, we offer insurance coverage for all shipments, giving both you and your customer peace of mind and protection in case of loss or damage. 

Companies without a business permit or UEN number are also able to use our one-off shipping service, enabling SME companies to benefit from DHL’s extensive expertise in international shipping and logistics, including customs clearance services

Finally, the one-stop MyDHL+ shipping platform makes one-off shipping easy with its user-friendly interface for business owners and integrated tracking features. In addition, there is no need to open a business account with DHL Express in order to enjoy our one-off shipping service, ensuring a seamless and fuss-free shipping experience from start to finish.

Learn how to start shipping with DHL Express without creating a business account, and discover how we can help your business grow.