Preparing for the Holiday Season With the New Normal in Singapore
3 min read
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The rate of online shopping has witnessed unprecedented growth during the pandemic and is going to further increase with the holiday season approaching. Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year mark the period when businesses are going to experience an influx of sales as customers are going to start shopping for the festive season.

According to the 2020 Visa Back to Business Study, Holiday Edition, approximately three out of five (78%) Singapore consumers want to purchase for the holidays despite the pandemic. The study further highlighted that nearly three-fifths of the respondents (57%) said they plan to do half or all of their shopping online.

To meet these demands, online shopping companies, including local retailers, small and medium-sized companies in Singapore will have to upgrade their logistics and digital presence to thrive in the new normal. So, if e-commerce businesses want to flourish, here are some tips to get geared for the peak season.

1. Plan your business operations and warehouse fulfillment process

With the holiday season hitting closer, sellers will have to learn to streamline their operations so that they are ready to receive more orders. Merchants will have to fill their warehouse with sufficient supplies in advance to tackle the holiday rush. Keep your warehouse organised to ensure your operations run smoothly to cater to the surge of orders.

Increased order volumes might incur an additional cost when you lack space in your warehouse. To avoid this, you need to properly plan and manage your warehouse fulfillment process.

2. Boost your website’s digital presence

If you want to make sure that your business runs smoothly even during the peak season, you need to start ramping up your promotions in the online space. Not only that, but you also need to ensure that you are promoting your various products on different online channels to boost your brand’s reach. Plus, make sure that your website is updated and mobile-optimised for ease of use.

An easy-to-navigate interface will not only attract your buyers’ attention but also increase your cart conversions, thus leading to maximum brand efficiency. And once the orders are checked out, ensure that your customers can track their shipments in real-time.

3. Optimise costs by partnering with the right shipping company

Overseas shipping comes with a lot of rules, which if ignored can incur additional fees which can lead to higher overall shipping costs. But, DHL Express’s service will ensure that your shipments clear customs smoothly without bearing extra costs. By partnering with this global logistics company, you will entrust your packages with certified international specialists who are well-trained to deliver your shipments on time irrespective of the challenges. 

DHL Express same-day delivery service helps expedite even the most urgent shipments seamlessly. In addition, DHL has flexible delivery options like the ODD service (On-Demand Delivery) that allows you to decide the location and date of your shipment’s delivery.

4. Offer an easy return service

Today, online shoppers actively check a brand’s return policy first even before buying a product. What they commonly prefer is a simple, clear, and free returns policy. Therefore, it is necessary that your returns policy be updated with an extended return window period in order to mitigate the challenges or delays caused by the pandemic.

Make the process less stressful by providing free home pickup. Clearly communicate how the process will be carried out with minimal contact to maintain hygiene and social distance. DHL’s door-to-door courier service picks up and delivers your customer's return directly to you.

We, at DHL Express, are dedicated to meeting your business requirements and deliver excellent service to you and your customers while keeping in mind the safety of our people and abiding the Singapore new normal guidelines. So, stay rest assured that you will have a smooth, cost-effective, and hassle-free shipping journey with us.