Top 3 Ways To Use Automation Tools For Business

3 Mins Read
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Running a business in today’s competitive environment is a challenge in many ways; from finding the right people for the job to maintaining positive client relationships. Managing the everyday processes of your business should be the least of your worries. 

With a wide array of marketing and business process automation tools available, everyday menial tasks can be whittled down to a minimum. A leader in innovation, DHL is one of the organisations in the global marketplace prioritising smarter ways of doing business

Here are some time-saving automation tools to get you started.

1. Track where your time goes

Your business is booming, and you don’t have a second to spare. The first step to optimising your time spent is to understand where it is going. Apps like Time Camp, Toggl and Tomato Time assist with measuring time spent online, giving you a bird’s eye view of time spent on a task. 

With tools like these for businesses, you’ll be able to track time, assign activities to projects, and approve timesheets with one click. Advanced features that notify you if your project goes over budget are especially useful for business owners juggling many projects at a time. 

Record where your time goes before making a concerted effort to segment your schedule in managing and executing projects. 

2. Organise business projects using apps

Due to the pandemic, many businesses now work remotely. It can be challenging to manage your projects when you can’t see your team members. Teleconferencing comes with its own set of challenges and adaptation periods. 

Scheduling tools like Asana, Trello, and Notion go a long way in tracking what needs to be done next while keeping your team engaged in communication. You can keep your records on boards while shifting them around when assignments are complete. It keeps everything you need to know in one place.

Not only does this automate some business processes, it also reduces time spent finding email threads and documents. 

3. Automate manual processes

Marketing automation can make your business processes a lot more efficient, allowing you to personalise and nurture leads in a more productive way. 

One such automation tool is HubSpot. Not only will marketing automation take the hassle out of manual everyday tasks such as scheduling social posts and emails but also save you costs by saving time. Marketing tools can help streamline your campaign activities and outcomes in one place, helping you focus on strategising and executing.

Leverage Digital Automation To Work More Efficiently

Capitalising on smart tools for businesses is a must for long-term success. Clients want to work with businesses that characterise efficiency and effectiveness. Automating manual processes can divert resources such as time and money into other tasks, allowing individuals to focus on the creative and innovative aspects of the business.

From non-standard deliveries to various billing options available, DHL Express prioritises offering business owners with various choices. Depending on what the business requires, different options can offer time-saving benefits with great efficiency. 

For instance, the creation of MyDHL+ allows businesses to streamline their payments, arrange for courier collection and review past purchases easily on one platform. Switching between apps or having to contact different stakeholders on various platforms can be a drain on time and efficiency. DHL Express customers can expect a seamless integration when using the platform, creating a fuss-free process.  Talk to our specialist today to find out how DHL Express can help your business save time through automation.