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MyDHL+: An Innovative Online Application That's Insanely Customer Centric

E-commerce · 4 min read

International Shipping Made Simple with MyDHL+

Digitalization has played a significant role in guiding businesses and industries around the world toward a platform that allows them to operate seamlessly and efficiently. The improvement of technology, transportation, and communication has created a demand for more robust and diverse supply chains to meet various business needs such as international customer reach, profitability, manufacturing, and distribution.

Any company’s business that involves a physical product would require a logistics arm to help with the various components of the supply chain such as warehousing and storage, transportation, and last-mile distribution. While some organizations may have their own inventory management systems and logistics processes, the bulk of businesses in Singapore rely on a logistics partner to handle many of these aspects.

Singapore is a country heavily reliant on imports and exports. Paired with simplified government regulations and straightforward customs policies, the country attracts many businesses – local and international – to start-up here. 

DHL Express, an international delivery service, has a dominant market share in the Express industry in Singapore. Industries, businesses, and individual shippers rely on our international expertise to get their documents or parcels directly to their intended destination in the shortest amount of time possible. While we are constantly improving our operational capabilities, we have also invested time and resources in our customer’s shipping experience.


Before the popularization of e-commerce and online transactions, most of the shipping process was done by hand. The customer would have to fill in a paper waybill, ensuring all the information furnished by hand is accurate and legible, call the DHL Express hotline to schedule a collection, and then make payment by cash or by mailing a cheque (for account customers).

While the process was simple enough, there was room for improvement, to omit the need for so many manual details. This manual process also caused errors, due to ineligible handwriting or selecting the wrong options on paper. Creating a shipment would then require more dedication and effort – this was amplified for businesses sending hundreds of shipments a day.

Another arduous element was the level of inflexibility one would face when dealing with adjustments or last-minute changes. Express companies should be focused on the fast-paced and varied needs of the customer, while not compromising the fine details to make the service ‘Excellent’. 

As technology advanced, the demand for greater convenience also heightened. Customers wanted to avoid the hassle of repetition and unnecessary procedures. DHL Express addressed this issue by introducing various online tools that promised more intuitive features with the flexibility and security that positively amplified our customer’s experience.


DHL Express introduced MyDHL+, an online shipping tool to replace various ways of curating an Air Waybill (AWB). The tool goes a step further by allowing customers to pay securely online, arrange for a courier collection, and reviewing past shipments on a customizable dashboard based on user preference. The induction of MyDHL+ offered a viable solution for DHL Express to phase out more traditional methods of creating the AWB, such as paper waybills, EasyShip, and E-mail Ship.

The tool also allows users to check for quotations and create shipments on various platforms including mobile, offering greater ‘on-the-go’ convenience to shippers. The option enables users to save pre-sets based on favourite shipping arrangements, making it easy to organise repeat shipments with a few clicks. 

All DHL Express customers, new or existing have been encouraged to engage MyDHL+ to start shipping. The platform distinguishes DHL Express account holders and non-account holders, where the former enjoys additional benefits such as being able to grant access to multiple users, having the option of shipping certain dangerous goods* and being able to have a comprehensive view on your shipping history with simple management features.

While the main focus of MyDHL+ is to create a seamless integration into our customer’s logistics operations, it allows us to monitor trends and shipping information more accurately. DHL Express is able to identify popular shipping destinations, heavily traded commodities, and understanding which parcels sizes and weight are most frequently used. This in turn allows us to improve on aspects that are important to our customers by creating personalized shipping products and optimizing shipping performance to certain destinations.

With MyDHL+ app, DHL Express aims to fuel our objective of continuous improvement by concurrently creating a better user experience. Find out more about MyDHL+ and other opportunities DHL Express offers to create a comprehensive and fuss-free shipping environment today!

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