DHL Express’ delivery benefits for small businesses

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As a small business owner, you know that every penny and every minute counts. You're constantly looking for ways to optimise your operations and grow your business, all while staying within your budget. In this regard, finding affordable and reliable shipping options can be especially challenging. Fortunately, DHL Express offers a range of delivery solutions that cater specifically to the nuanced needs of smaller businesses in Singapore.


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Here are just a few ways that DHL Express can benefit you:

1. Preferential shipping rates for corporate accounts

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with DHL Express is the preferential shipping rates offered to small businesses through corporate accounts. By establishing a corporate account, small businesses can take advantage of affordable delivery solutions, reducing their shipping costs and improving their bottom line. This benefit is particularly valuable for companies that require frequent international shipping or have high shipping volumes.

2. Customs clearance support

International shipping can be a complex and daunting task, with customs regulations and paperwork adding to the challenge. That is why DHL Express offers customs clearance support to help small businesses navigate this process. With the help of a logistics expert with abundant experience in worldwide shipping, smaller companies can enjoy faster customs clearance and smoother deliveries, ensuring that their packages reach their destinations efficiently and reliably.

3. Complimentary pickup of shipments

Shipping logistics can be a significant challenge for small businesses in Singapore, especially those with more limited resources. DHL Express makes the process easy by offering complimentary pickup of shipments, allowing small companies to focus on their core activities and save valuable time and resources. This convenience can be a crucial factor in helping small businesses grow and expand internationally.

4. Free packaging supplies

Purchasing packaging supplies such as shipping boxes in bulk may not be feasible for small businesses, which is why DHL Express offers free packaging supplies to our business clients. This is to help smaller companies in Singapore cut costs while streamlining the shipping and delivery process such that all essentials are provided and accounted for. 

5. Time-definite services

Timing is everything in the world of business, especially for companies with tight shipping deadlines or those that require time-sensitive deliveries. DHL Express understands this and offers a range of time-definite services to help small businesses stay on schedule. With options like 9:00 am, 10:30 am, and 12:30 noon delivery, you can rest assured that your packages will arrive on time, every time. 

6. Dedicated account managers

When partnering with DHL Express, small businesses in Singapore gain access to account managers who are committed to helping their company succeed. These experts offer personalised support and guidance for all things delivery and international shipping, and can help you expand your reach to new markets.

7. Useful shipping tools 

DHL Express also offers a range of digital tools to make shipping more efficient and convenient for small businesses. These tools include:

  • On-Demand Delivery: Allows recipients to choose when and where their package will be delivered, providing more flexibility and convenience.

  • DHL Express Commerce (DEC): Streamlines the e-commerce shipping process for small businesses by seamlessly integrating DHL Express services onto their website, creating a better user experience.

  • MyDHL+: A digital platform that allows small businesses to manage their shipping operations and track their packages in real-time, giving them greater control and visibility.

8. Wide range of optional services

In addition to its core solutions, a wide range of optional services are available through DHL Express, including GoGreen Plus, shipment insurance with extended liability, neutral delivery, and proactive tracking. These options ensure that small businesses have access to tailored shipping and delivery solutions that meet their specific requirements and preferences.

Enjoy affordable shipping for small businesses with DHL Express

Don't let shipping costs and logistics hold your small business back. With DHL Express, you can enjoy affordable and reliable shipping solutions tailored to meet your unique needs. Open a business account with DHL Express, and enjoy our shipping services for small businesses.