How to make your business same-day delivery ready?

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Online purchasing has become a common practice for many customers across the globe. While the chief reason is convenience, it has further fueled the demand for more complex shipping services with faster delivery being the prime need.

As online consumers seek a super-fast delivery process, same-day shipping and same-day delivery have risen to the forefront in recent years. In fact, a study shows that 56% of Millennials anticipate merchants to provide same-day delivery. Given this scenario, businesses must ensure that their supply chains are ready to brace this new reality.

This article will help you get your store ready for same-day delivery right away.

Tips to prepare your business for same-day delivery

Preparing your company to fulfill and deliver goods within a 24-hour deadline can be a little overwhelming. But following a few easy tips can make the process a lot smoother.

1. Use last year's sales as a guide

Examine previous year's trends, particularly during the holidays. Check what kind of purchases consumers made the most, which categories were ordered, and how long the customers had to wait to make their purchases? Thoroughly examine all the information to plan for future sales.

2. Keep a well-stocked inventory

Customer demand must constantly be anticipated. Make sure you have an abundance of the current in-demand products and try to estimate the forthcoming months as accurately as possible if you want to take advantage of speedy shipping and delivery as an E-commerce merchant. The better you know your market and your target audience, the easier it will be to provide quick shipping and delivery.

3. Adequately train your staff

Always make sure you have enough staff to complete the work in order to handle the intricacy of same-day delivery. Furthermore, everyone must be aware of each phase of your same-day delivery program. Like DHL Express's people-oriented strategy, which believes that a company's greatest asset is its people.

Certified International Specialists, a DHL culture transformation program, equips every team member with the knowledge and abilities the firm needs to evolve into an expert in international express delivery.

4. Find ways to simplify the process of fulfillment

Examine what you've done previously to see if there's anything you can do to make it more efficient. Speak with everyone involved in completing your current online orders, including those in the pick and pack department. In which you'll be able to properly describe the procedure and timing for getting orders from your warehouse to the customer, including drop-off places and driver availability.

DHL’s flexible delivery option like On-Demand Delivery makes the order fulfillment process easy and hassle-free. Customers can choose when and where their package will be delivered with this service. Plus, you will receive fewer inquiries and returns as a result of this.

5. Select your delivery method

Because the delivery factor is so critical, you should carefully consider whether you want to manage it in-house or outsource it to an express courier service. Doing it yourself gives you complete control over the process, but it might place a strain on your business. Using a third-party carrier, such as DHL Express, on the other hand, eliminates the need to worry about insurance and fuel fees.

We ensure that the entire process, from preparing documentation to assisting last-mile delivery is seamless for our consumers. DHL Express offers a complete range of delivery and shipping services to fulfill all your needs. We increased the capacity of our network to provide consistent transit times, including time-critical delivery solutions that guarantee delivery by 9 a.m., 10.30 a.m., or 12 p.m. the next business day.

The best part is that our same-day delivery service is available 365 days a year, ensuring exceptional service with flexible collection times and prompt delivery. You will also receive real-time information on the progress of your cargo until delivery is complete if you subscribe to this service.

Our DHL Express team acknowledges that there are times when a shipment is extremely important and requires the highest care and attention. The Same Day service was created to help you solve your most complex requirements as quickly as possible.