DHL Express centralises all digital content on MyDHL+ to enhance customer experience

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  • DHL Express will migrate all online content to DHL’s one-stop-shop platform MyDHL+
  • The seamless, all-in-one user experience encourages flexible booking service for customers

DHL Express, the world leader in logistics and express delivery, has decided to move all online content from to MyDHL+, the convenient all-encompassing DHL business tool. MyDHL+ is mobile friendly, can be accessed on all mobile web platforms, and integrates the functionality of 13 different applications on a single user-friendly platform. Registered customers as well as guests are enabled to take care of all their shipping tasks with a wide range of online logistics tools in a one-stop shop instead of needing to access several DHL web portals. With its intuitive design, the platform allows for the convenient management of transactions as well as access to a source for information and support - all in one place. MyDHL+ is available in 211 countries and territories and 37 languages.

"We’re pleased to expand our global ecosystem by including all Express content in MyDHL+. This reduces complexity for our customers, as there are less sites to navigate for information, points of contact or services. Users of all types can now find everything necessary on this familiar platform for which we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback. We continue to invest in intensive research to keep improving its benefits,” Patrick Jairam, Vice President Express Electronic Shipping Solutions commented.

“MyDHL+, the new online home for DHL Express content, will provide both personal and corporate users in Australia with an enhanced and integrated online experience of our services. Designed to meet the evolving needs of shippers and greatly improve efficiency, MyDHL+ will continue to adapt to assist businesses in facilitating global trade in the era of digitalisation,” Gary Edstein, CEO and Senior Vice President at DHL Express Oceania said.

MyDHL+ was launched in 2018. The industry-leading global shipping application brings new levels of speed and simplicity to the cross-border shipping process. Additionally, a new content search tool simplifies accessing information while key marketing pages appear in an updated and animated look and feel. Finding help is as easy as ever with live chats, FAQs and other self-help features. Therefore, relevant content will be displayed where and when users need it. The website will be gradually phased out.

DHL Express is a reliable partner in the logistics business: with more than one million Time Definite International (TDI) deliveries per day, DHL Express strives for excellence in customer service. The designers put a premium on the ease of use and state-of-the-art functionality to MyDHL+, in order to save customers time and hassle, whether it is a personal user shipping internationally for the first time, or a registered corporate user who relies on DHL services every day.